Tuesday Treasures

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The sun was out and shining bright for my Dad's 50th birthday on Saturday. The theme was Hawaiian Luau -- lots of pineapples, pulled pork sandwiches, leis, grass skirts and yummy drinks. Family came all the way from Vancouver to visit and we all had a lovely time. My little "niece" (I'm an only child- she's my cousin's daughter) is two and is super cute, so I had a great time running around with her, playing on the porch swing, and showing her dollies on the computer.

Here's a few photos ^_^

Me and Mum drinking Electric Popsicles (best drink ever)

The food was delicious, and the table looked awesome!

The birthday boy with his sister

Yummy tropical drinks

Fewix got pretty tuckered out

Drink Recipe: Electric Popsicle

1 ounce Bols Blue Curacao

1 ounce Bols Melon 

5 ounces 7UP

This drink turns a bright greenly blue, is extremely refreshing, and makes a great summer drink!

Alright, here's the Tuesday Treasures for this week...

My Nana is 96 years old this August, and recently decided that she was a bit too old to live alone. She's moved into a senior's/nursing home where she'll receive a bit more care. My grandparents put her condo on the market, and went through some of her belongings. I inherited some fun costume jewellery, gorgeous teacups, a doily collection, and some amazing granny-square squares (small like doll blankets). Lots of these things were packed away, so it's nice that they are being loved again. I'll post some pictures soon!

So, this week's Tuesday Treasures is All things Retro!