Tuesday Treasures - Christmas Edition

Okay Okay, I know it's not even December yet, but I love Christmas and have decided to try and extend the amount of Christmasy Tuesday Treasures posts as much as possible! The shops have been decked out for awhile now, and craft fair season is in full swing, so I can have a blog post devoted to Christmasy Lovelies. 

I'm kicking off the season with a Pink Christmas theme! I don't know why I think of pink as Christmasy. Maybe it's the 1950s? Those misty mints? I don't know why, but there's just something magical and glowy about pink Christmas decor. 

Etsy is brimming with delightful vintage decorations! My dream is to one day have one of those aluminium Christmas trees. I've always preferred white Christmas trees (maybe it's because I'm French? Apparently they are popular in Quebec.) When I first saw a real silver aluminum tree filled with icicles and giant retro mercury glass ornaments-- I was in love. Unfortunately, those trees are pretty rare and expensive now... so they're just a dream at this point....one day.... one day....

Here's what Etsy has to offer if you're in love with pink Christmases as much as I am!

Tuesday Treasures

Snow white is my all time favourite fairytale. Not the Disney one with the high pitched voice, ordering grown men around in their homes and shrieking at princes. The real, Grimms one. Maybe it's because princesses are always depicted as blonde. Maybe it's because my skin is almost as white as snow (or so the lack of matching foundation tells me.) I don't know what it is, but Snow White eating a poisoned apple has always fascinated me.

In the REAL story, the witch comes to the cottage three separate times. Once she sells corset laces and laces her up so tight she falls down as if dead. The second visit, she puts a poison comb into her hair and she revives when it's removed. The poisoned apple is lodged in her throat, and a bump in the road when the prince is carrying her coffin to his castle (because she's so beautiful he can't part with her) makes the apple piece dislodge and she awakens and marries him. The witch doesn't get off scot-free though, she's made to wear red hot shoes and dance til she dies at the wedding. Probably won't be reading that one to any little kids.... but it's interesting none-the-less.


My life lately, according to Instagram...

Hello! I've been super busy lately with work, visits, and a bunch of different things, so here's a little peek at what I've been up to!

From Left to Right...

1. Dressed up for Halloween 2. My Boss and I dressed up at work 3. Obligatory food shot

4. Sitting at McCaulay Point 5. Kokeshi Doll I found in China Town 6. Meaningful fortune

7. Frost mornings already 8. Breathtaking coastline in the sunshine 9. Handsome visitor 

Have a lovely long weekend! Enjoy the sunshine!

Tuesday Teasures

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for being so silent the last little while. I will definitely try to post more regularly! It is one (of many) personal goals I have been making lately. I definitely think it has something to do with my not working Mondays very often, so I keep forgetting that it's Tuesday, as if feels like my Monday!

This week's Tuesday Treasure's theme is The Game of Thrones-- a book series/ HBO television series that I'm in love with. Ridiculous amounts of nudity and violence aside, it's truly captivating and is bringing out my inner geek. I think it's the combination history/fantasy genre that grabs me. (my inner historian-hah!) For fantasy it doesn't seem too "out there" and far fetched, which is my usual issue with the genre. I tried reading Lord of the Rings once, and my impression was that it consisted of long descriptions of landscapes and long sentences starting with "So and so, son of so and so... x20". (Though I did enjoy The Hobbit.)

I particularly like the structure of the Game of Thrones books as it follows particular characters per chapter. The descriptions are vivid, the dialogue (especially Tyrian) is delightful and the extremely complex characters makes for a good read.

Here's what some of Etsy's crafters have come up with in honour of this fabulous series ^_^

Absolutely in love with this crown... fit for a Queen.

Amazing pendant displaying the different houses

Gorgeous Dragon Egg Pendant-- I can picture Dany wearing it.

Direwolf Crochet Cuties



of Arya

I am seriously considering purchasing this bracelet....

Framed "Winter is Coming" book page pendant-- amazing!


ny Targaryen would be proud to sport this lovely ear-cuff

Etsy Links: 

Have a lovely week!