Tuesday Treasures - Christmas Edition

Okay Okay, I know it's not even December yet, but I love Christmas and have decided to try and extend the amount of Christmasy Tuesday Treasures posts as much as possible! The shops have been decked out for awhile now, and craft fair season is in full swing, so I can have a blog post devoted to Christmasy Lovelies. 

I'm kicking off the season with a Pink Christmas theme! I don't know why I think of pink as Christmasy. Maybe it's the 1950s? Those misty mints? I don't know why, but there's just something magical and glowy about pink Christmas decor. 

Etsy is brimming with delightful vintage decorations! My dream is to one day have one of those aluminium Christmas trees. I've always preferred white Christmas trees (maybe it's because I'm French? Apparently they are popular in Quebec.) When I first saw a real silver aluminum tree filled with icicles and giant retro mercury glass ornaments-- I was in love. Unfortunately, those trees are pretty rare and expensive now... so they're just a dream at this point....one day.... one day....

Here's what Etsy has to offer if you're in love with pink Christmases as much as I am!

Tuesday Treasures

Snow white is my all time favourite fairytale. Not the Disney one with the high pitched voice, ordering grown men around in their homes and shrieking at princes. The real, Grimms one. Maybe it's because princesses are always depicted as blonde. Maybe it's because my skin is almost as white as snow (or so the lack of matching foundation tells me.) I don't know what it is, but Snow White eating a poisoned apple has always fascinated me.

In the REAL story, the witch comes to the cottage three separate times. Once she sells corset laces and laces her up so tight she falls down as if dead. The second visit, she puts a poison comb into her hair and she revives when it's removed. The poisoned apple is lodged in her throat, and a bump in the road when the prince is carrying her coffin to his castle (because she's so beautiful he can't part with her) makes the apple piece dislodge and she awakens and marries him. The witch doesn't get off scot-free though, she's made to wear red hot shoes and dance til she dies at the wedding. Probably won't be reading that one to any little kids.... but it's interesting none-the-less.


My life lately, according to Instagram...

Hello! I've been super busy lately with work, visits, and a bunch of different things, so here's a little peek at what I've been up to!

From Left to Right...

1. Dressed up for Halloween 2. My Boss and I dressed up at work 3. Obligatory food shot

4. Sitting at McCaulay Point 5. Kokeshi Doll I found in China Town 6. Meaningful fortune

7. Frost mornings already 8. Breathtaking coastline in the sunshine 9. Handsome visitor 

Have a lovely long weekend! Enjoy the sunshine!

Tuesday Teasures

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for being so silent the last little while. I will definitely try to post more regularly! It is one (of many) personal goals I have been making lately. I definitely think it has something to do with my not working Mondays very often, so I keep forgetting that it's Tuesday, as if feels like my Monday!

This week's Tuesday Treasure's theme is The Game of Thrones-- a book series/ HBO television series that I'm in love with. Ridiculous amounts of nudity and violence aside, it's truly captivating and is bringing out my inner geek. I think it's the combination history/fantasy genre that grabs me. (my inner historian-hah!) For fantasy it doesn't seem too "out there" and far fetched, which is my usual issue with the genre. I tried reading Lord of the Rings once, and my impression was that it consisted of long descriptions of landscapes and long sentences starting with "So and so, son of so and so... x20". (Though I did enjoy The Hobbit.)

I particularly like the structure of the Game of Thrones books as it follows particular characters per chapter. The descriptions are vivid, the dialogue (especially Tyrian) is delightful and the extremely complex characters makes for a good read.

Here's what some of Etsy's crafters have come up with in honour of this fabulous series ^_^

Absolutely in love with this crown... fit for a Queen.

Amazing pendant displaying the different houses

Gorgeous Dragon Egg Pendant-- I can picture Dany wearing it.

Direwolf Crochet Cuties



of Arya

I am seriously considering purchasing this bracelet....

Framed "Winter is Coming" book page pendant-- amazing!


ny Targaryen would be proud to sport this lovely ear-cuff

Etsy Links: 

Have a lovely week!


Newest Dollie Update

These rainy days have been perfect for cuddling up inside and knitting. I finished this little sweetie this week. I'm loving the little milkmaid braid and patterned sweater.

On a less cheerful note, I came home from work on Friday night, and developed a wicked case of the stomach flu, so I've been sleeping, dragging myself around the apartment, and not being able to knit or doing anything productive. It's driving me slightly crazy, as this weekend was designated to be the "get my life in order weekend" ie. clean everything and get my craft stuff in order after my crafting spree this last week. Hopefully I'm feeling better tomorrow, as I have my first staff meeting.

Wish me luck!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

(North of the 49th parallel that is... well, almost... Victoria is actually in line with the United States at the 48th... which is why our cell phones tell us we're roaming and "Welcome to the US!" when we're by the ocean in parts of the city!)

I hope you enjoyed/ will enjoy lots of yams and stuffing (my favourites) and family and friends. I had a lovely dinner last night, and am looking forward to a second tonight! I'm so thankful to be living in this beautiful city with all my family around (I lived away from them for 18 years.)  I'm thankful for getting hired so quickly and really liking my job. I'm also extremely thankful for all of you who take time to comment, like or even read my posts (or purchase little friends!) I'm thankful for this space where I have the chance to document and share the things I make and do. Thank you so much! Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, I had to sneak this in here. I found this 1950's/60's brooch on Etsy and I'm in love. Isn't it amazing!?

(I'm going to try to fiddle with the design of this blog again, I'm going to spend a lot of time doing this so it's perfect and I won't have to change it in a few weeks, haha. So if things are looking a little ugly or weird, that's why!) ** I have no background in this and don't use photoshop, so it's probably a much longer process than it is for most people!)


Thanks for reading dears,



Tuesday Treasures

 This weekend is Thanksgiving and I'm so excited. Sometimes I think I like Thanksgiving even more than Christmas. I love the pumpkins, the changing leaves, delicious yams and yummy stuffing. It's the perfect introduction to the cooler weather. My parent's got some wood for their fireplace and we've had two lovely fires so far. Their little dachshund absolutely loves basking in the crackling warmth (I'm rather partial to joining him.) It hasn't rained here in three months, which is extremely unusual as we have a very warm/temperate climate with a lot of rain. Each week I gaze longingly at the weather forecast for a nice downpour, but it's been sun sun sun!

Fun Fact: Apparently we used to cerebrate Thanksgiving in November like America, but I'm glad we changed in to the second Monday in October in 1957 (though I'm not sure why). Things are too dead and wintery up here in November to look very harvesty, haha.

Anyways, whether you are enjoying turkey this weekend or not, here's this week's Tuesday Treasures!

Sweet Turkey Dress

Little Acorn Men

Turkey Tutu

Pumpkin Dress-- wish this came in my size-hehe

This little hat is too sweet!

 Links to these lovely Etsy Products:

Have a lovely weekend! What is your favourite holiday?



My life lately, according to instagram....

1. Sitting on a rock at Saxe Point

2. Adorable squishy-faced bunny at the Saanich Fall Fair

3. Huge Dahlia display!

4. Love living by the ocean

5. Yummy Candy Apple (my fillings are in tact!)

6. Getting up before dawn is icky

7. The offending hot chocolate tee hee.

8. Snuggly socks

9. Early morning breakie with raspberry rhubarb jam.

1. Doodling at the beach

2. Getting to work waay too early to find parking

3. Jeans almost fit.. almost.

4. Lovely fudge from Whipple Tree Junction in two dollar thrifted dish (see not fitting jeans)

5. Loving my new haircut

6. Basking at Cadboro Bay

7. Unimpressed faced at being stood up...again

8. Cute French Bulldog

9. Movie and Borscht for two (Borscht was in burling pot when photo was taken)


Thanks for reading dears,



Tuesday Treasures

Hello Again! Sorry for my two week absence. I started my new MOA job at a busy physiotherapy clinic and have been getting up ridiculously early... which means I'm napping and going to bed at 9pm most nights. I've also been spending some time with my family and my lovely friend who I'm excited to live in the same town as again... I'm definitely going to post more often once I get this whole time-management thing sorted (haha-- I wish). 

Anyways, I'm loving my job, learning tons each day, and getting more confident talking on phones and being in front of customers. :) I also completed a little french bulldog for a custom order. I'll post her soon. I have a bunch of projects on the go from previous orders, and have a few neat ideas kicking around that I can't wait to get around to. 

I'm loving the fall weather we've been having. It's so nice out that I sat on the beach the other day in shorts... okay, that wasn't very fall-ish... but it was lovely. It's gotten a bit cooler lately and I've been enjoying the Peppermint Tea I bought from David's Tea. I've tried a salted caramel hot-chocolate twice in the last month... just not loving it. It's way too sweet and gritty.  (I know I'm in the minority here.. hehe) but I think I'm going to buy some whipping creme and throw some coarse salt and caramel sauce on my hot chocolate from home (also won't cost as much!). My absolute favourite hot chocolate is Land of Lakes. They have Raspberry, French Vanilla, Mocha and Caramel flavours and they're all delicious (and not too sweet or gritty) I'm really looking forward to a nice rainy day (in a month I'll be kicking myself for saying this...it rains all winter here), where I can thrown on a tv series, put on my moccasins, snuggle up in a blanket, drink tea, and knit and draw all day. Perfection. 

Anyways, here's this week's Tuesday Treasures....Hounds-tooth and Plaid (two patterns that always remind me of fall!)

Isn't this little guy a sweetie? I love his ear!  Find it


 I love the red trim on this hounds-tooth coat! Find it


 I've always loved anything scotty dog. It always reminds me of my friend back home. 

Find it


 I love tartan too... this purse is adorable. Find it


If I actually still had books to carry around (ahh- freak out-- I'm not a student anymore!) I'd use this.

Find it HERE

Have a great week everyone! What have you been up to lately?

Tuesday Treasures

Happy First Day of School Everyone! I can't believe it's that time of year again! Kids are getting their back-to-school clothes, new binders and pretty school supplies. Victoria is full of college and university students once again, all in a mad rush to move back, set up and get their books. I definitely miss my university days. I loved receiving the syllabus and seeing what I was going to learn each day. I'm a bit of a nerd, so it's hard to grow up completely. I've been considering sneaking into my friend's Russian Film class... but I'm too much of a goodie goodie to actually do it. I'll have to console myself with meeting her for tea on campus and living vicariously through her (and appreciate that I've filled my lifetime paper-writing quota, haha)

This week's Tuesday Treasures theme is back to school!

Cutest Wreath- Find it


Oh the Places You'll Go Prints- Find them


Re-useable Sandwich Bags - Find them


Laminated Lunch Kits- Find them


Cutest Pencil Jars- Find them


Lunchbox (for grown-ups too??) Find it


Have a great week everyone!

Dolled Up

"Dolled Up"  is an outfit feature where I put together cute and quirky outfits. I enjoy designing the patterns and styles for the dolls I make, so I decided to include people clothes that inspire me! 

So, I haven't quite decided on a day when I will post these, so expect them to appear sporadically. ^_^

I love Mario. I'm not much of video game person (and I'm fairly terrible at them) but I love the characters. Everything is cute: goombas, toadstools, the landscapes, even the star you are sometimes seeking. I have the Nintendo 64 for my DS (yes, it's pink) and I had so much fun playing it. Sadly, my skills (and the ex boyfriend from high school that helped me when I got stuck) are lacking... so I never beat it (I think I'm at 88 stars.) I also feel like I'm having a heart attack each time I fall off the edge (which is often) so I've decided to find calm-er hobbies.... (laughs nervously but I still admire the cuteness of Mario, his friends, enemies (especially boo) and their cute little world (even with the monster-flowers).

I'm pretty excited about this outfit. The long sleeves and the dark jeans make it perfect for autumn. I also have a life-long love of combat boots, and the earrings just tie it all together in the cutest way. This is nerdy-girl chic and I'm in love.

Thanks for reading. Are you a Mario Fan? What games is your favourite?

Tuesday Treaures

This is a weekly feature where I post my favourite finds from Etsy--a handmade/vintage/supply online marketplace. 

Aren't hot air balloons cheerful? While my fear of heights would prevent me from ever going near one in real life-- they are one of the cutest things around. They are circular, bulbous, brightly coloured, and float in the sky--- I don't think it gets better than that. I needed a good dose of cheer this week, as I'm applying for jobs, writing cover letters, and am extremely nervous about the whole process. I ended up with a delightful eye/side of head/ sinus migraine today, which was just what I needed to start off my week. On that note, lets forget all our worries and go somewhere far far away in a hot air balloon.. (or just look at some).

Love the vintagey feel of this balloon illustration

Ferris wheels are inherently terrifying, but I might make an exception for this. So cute!

This would be adorable in a children's room or nursery

I love that this print is done on a dictionary page. It gives such a neat vintage feel to the piece.

I love the stitching on these balloons. This mobile is so whimsical and would be loved by any kid (or me, because I would totally have this in my apartment)


1. Balloon Box

2. Carnival Print

3. Balloon Banner 

4. Wonderland Print

5. Balloon Mobile 

Thanks for reading and have a great week! Wish me luck with the job hunt!


I’m feeling fairly overwhelmed with everything in my life right now, but it’s kind of a good feeling.

After four years at University taking Art Education and History (ending up with a History Degree), I decided to take charge of my life (and career) and take the Medical Office Assistant course at Sprott Shaw College. After a grueling seven months of tears, late nights, and aggravation (honestly, it made writing papers seem like a breeze) I have received my honours diploma in the Medical Office Asisstant Program.

I’m starting a new career, and will be working a real job for the first time in a very long while. I’m handing out resumes, writing cover letters, and hoping that someone will like me enough to give me a chance. 

Another change is that my relationship with my boyfriend of almost two years has ended. We’re still on good terms, but we had differences and different life paths and goals.

I’m glad we both realized this and could separate caring about each other from what was a good choice long term. We had some great times and I’ll miss him. 

It feels like I’m starting out with a completely clean slate. I’m twenty-three, single, with a degree and a diploma, waiting for my real “adult” life to start. I’ve debated moving apartments to somewhere closer to the ocean or maybe downtown with a lot of things to do in walking-distance.

I have a huge apartment for cheaper than most, with parking included, so it’s REALLY hard to look at other places. The trendier the area, the more expensive and the tinier they get. Jury is out on that decision, but that’s okay, I’m in transition. I want to stay in Victoria, as most of my family live here, and I can’t imagine being without them. Growing up, I didn’t really know my cousins, aunts or uncles, or even my dad’s parents very well. We drove for our annual visit, stayed with my mum’s parents in a huge house, and had “that yearly visit” with his side. 

Now I’m looking forward to a 15 person Thanksgiving and Christmas, not just the three of us. I’m invited to baby showers, first birthdays and days at the lake. I’m so lucky to finally be back and be a part of things, and I can’t quite imagine giving that up. I look forward to bringing my own baby to play around with the (probably much older haha) kids, growing up with memories of huge Thanksgivings, Christmases and Grandparents that are just around the corner. 

I'm very glad that I created Blue Anchor Crafts a little less than a year ago. It's been a great outlet for my creative energies, and I hope it will continue to be so. I also started a blog for my drawings, Dearest Doodles where I post my latest drawings. I have so many great ideas that I suspect I will never be bored again, haha. I've learned a lot and found a lot of great blogs to read. I'll continue to follow my journey into the working world, my life and my dollies.

It’s all terrifying and wonderful.


Tuesday Treasures

This week's Tuesday Treasures is all vintage items. Etsy.com not only sells handmade goods, but also vintage items and supplies. It's like having an online Thriftstore at your fingertips (without the weird-smell-haha). There are amazing things from animal shaped salt and pepper shakers, vintage toys, jewellery, glasses, old pyrex containers-- it's all here (though not everything ships to Canada--sigh).  As a grad present my mum let me pick out a few brooches. I'm super excited to receive them (can't wait to wear them on my jacket this fall!) Here's a vintage-treasures edition of Tuesday Treasures! Enjoy!

PS: This is my 101st post! Thought I'd share! :)

I love the colour and the detailing of these 1950s cats-eye glasses

This necklace reminds me of bubbles and cotton candy

This brooch would be so striking on a black pea-coat in the autumn

This set is absolutely to die for. I wish I dressed up more!

These are just sweet. You can't get much better than ice cream, but serving it in a pretty dish definitely is the cherry on top (oh, you could do that too!)


What is your favourite vintage item? Something you inherited? Found at a Thrift Store? Or just something you've been on the hunt for?


My life lately, according to Instagram...

(Across, left to right)

1. Inherited some of my Nanna's teacups and jewellery. Aren't they gorgeous?

2. Teacups and china. The rose-pattern is my great-grandmother's (super old) I'm in great need of a china cabinet.

3. First set of scrubs-- from Walmart! I'm an XS... what do littler people do? I tried on a small and I could fit about ten of my bums in the pants!

4. First scarf-- ever! Really liking it!

5. In love with peter-pan collars lately. Buying some more grown up clothes

6. My favourite of my Nanna's teacups. So 1960s with the gold stars and turquoise. 

7. Beautiful brooches-- can't wait to wear them this fall!

8. New medical charm on my bracelet to represent my MOA diploma. $7.00 on Etsy!

9. My favourite dress ever. $20.00 on sale at Suzy. How cute is it? I'm in love!