Tuesday Treasures


I know I've been a little MIA,  but I've been learning loads of things in Photoshop at school lately, so my time has been a little occupied. This weekend I fiddled around with the program, designed a blog mockup for a friend, and made a mother's day card. I'm really excited about the things I'm learning---- I feel like I can work towards some of my goals now that I can improve my images! Yay!

This week, I  tried out contacts. I can't decide about them, I have two trial pairs, and it's a little difficult to focus on my computer screen at work. I'll probably investigate further, but I've decided that I really don't mind myself in glasses--- I might actually prefer it!  You can wear more eye makeup without looking tacky, you don't have to wear as much jewellery, and there's always the sexy librarian/secretary thing, right? Haha. I went on Etsy and found the most flamboyant glasses I could find. Go big or go home, right?

Here they are:

I love the squareness of these beautiful cats-eye glasses

Arrows!?! So fun.

These are kind of spacey.... like retro-sci-fi

These baby blues are just toooo pretty.

It's like brooches for your eyes! (Okay, that's a gross simile... but you know what I mean!)

These are incredibly funky

These are extremely mod... Love!


Thanks for reading! Do you wear glasses or contacts? Which do you prefer?

Tuesday Treasures

Hello, hope everyone had a great weekend!

Though I managed to find myself with a rather achy cold, I had a lovely weekend. Lots of movies, dachshund snuggles, spicy food, and organization (well, my computer, not my house unfortunately.) I'm still on the hunt for a decent jacket, but I've narrowed in on a shop that might carry what I'm looking for. I have teensy shoulders, so no jackets ever fit properly. I basically look like a line-backer.... or I raise my hands and the jacket goes up to my ribs.   It's pretty windy, and rains a lot in Victoria, so a jacket is kind of a year-round necessity (we didn't get a real summer until the end of August last year, either!) I've been spending a lot more time outside, and have been enjoying it! I have lots of pictures to post from various excursions... one day I'll have time to post them!

Work and school have made me a very busy bee. I've decided to only knit (when I can, that is, my wrist is still unhappy) dolls for the craft fair I want to attend this winter. Custom orders are lovely, but it's just not as spontaneous, there are deadlines, and sometimes I'm just not as excited about what I'm doing...  I'll definitely start up again once I have a better handle on life, but as it is, I just can't. It feels kind of good to come to this realization... when you have too many things on your plate (and I still do...) it gets overwhelming. I just need to putter along at my own pace with my side projects for now.

There isn't really a theme this week, just pretty things in lovely springy colours! Enjoy!

Tuesday Treasures

We put on a baby shower for my cousin's sweet baby boy this weekend. The decorations stayed up, yummy food was eaten, but most importantly it was a lovely chance to catch up with family-- especially ones from out of town. My other cousin is having a baby in the summer, so it's an exciting time. It makes my heart happy to envision little ones running around together at family events in the future.

I'm embarking on a pretty busy week, but had a productive weekend. I sat in a coffee shop for the first time in years with my notebook. I wrote down a bunch of ideas and it was super helpful. Feeling kinda pumped about my endeavors, even if they are rather exhausting.My hand is also falling off from attempting to get back into knitting, but it felt so good to knit again. I'm on the list for a CT scan, which might give some answers. Wish me luck!

This week's Tuesday Treasures is all about toys! I know I've posted similar things in the past but I just love a good, quality, handmade toy!

Love the shape of this airplane

I adore the organic look of this hedgehog toy. Isn't he sweet?

I almost want to buy one of these now for my future child. That's how much I love this.

Crochet veggies are more fun than plastic.. you can even cuddle with them!

Seriously, check this out. Best dress up props EVER! Let your imagination soar!


Tuesday Treasures

Just like the

infamous squid post

I'm not sure what possessed me to choose hedgehogs, but here they are! They are rather adorable (if you don't look at them from underneath and see their sharp teeth!--- I looked after one in elementary school for a friend... definitely not quite as cute as illustrations (but still pretty darn cute!)

Here's this week's Etsy Favourites... Tuesday Treasures Hedgehog Edition!

Such a sweet illustration style

This fuzzy hedgehogs look pretty friendly!

This would definitely make bath time a little more whimsical!

I definitely wouldn't say no to this cute brooch--- adorable!

Cute hedgehog, cute packaging!

Tuesday Treasures Birthday Edition

My birthday is on Monday, so I decided that I'd theme this week's Tuesday Treasures my wishlist items from Etsy. This is all imaginary, but these are a few of my favouritist things at the moment that I wouldn't mind owning. (I'm terrible with wishlists, everyone else does it but always feel a twinge of greedy... but I can like things on the internet and share them, so I should probably get over that. Haha.)

Anyways, I'm feeling a little weird about turning twenty-four. It just sounds OLD. I felt like this about twenty-three last year, but twenty-four is just so close to twenty-five, and twenty-five is only five years from thirty and OMG WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!?! (Does anyone go through these feelings?) haha.

I'm caught between trying to figure out my life (job, husband, house and kids do have to start somewhere right?!) and trying to just be chill and let things happen. It's a weird balance, because if you don't go out and try to get things in your life, you'll probably stay single, and live alone in your rented apartment, knitting dolls.(panic attack ensues!)  But if you try too hard, you won't let things happen naturally and then you're back to being a spinster, renting, and knitting dolls. Life is so complicated nowadays. Can I time travel to 1965 and get married out of high school and have two kids by now? It would definitely take the stress off a bit! (not to mention the amazing clothes... ulterior motive?)

Anyways, now that I've freaked myself out, here's some pretty things to take my mind off it:

This gorgeous three stone bezel set ring (though three might be too wide for my finger)

This GORGEOUS print from one of my favourite flash artists

This GORGEOUS necklace from Fable and Fury (Okay, I might have to cave and actually buy this one)

I love the retro-starburst-ishness of this ring!

This amazing serotonin necklace. I'm in love!


Have a lovely week, and keep your fingers crossed that the weather is nice so I can pet some baby goats (and not so baby goats) at the petting zoo! I'll have to take photos!

Tuesday Treasures

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend! The weather is ridiculously warm, the ocean breeze is beautiful and the birds are singing. Spring is officially here! I'm definitely excited about getting outdoors more this summer.... not being stuck in a classroom like last year. I've caught the spring-cleaning-fever and have reorganized most of the cupboards in my apartment (a thing I usually avoid like the plague!) I'm feeling excited to get some projects started (I'll tell you more later!)

Here's my favourite things from Etsy this week....


This print is AMAZING! I'm in love with this artist.

I love these lamps! In my dark apartment, you can never have too much lighting!

Crazy expensive, but crazy cool mid-century mermaids!

Amazing retro bowl!


Tuesday Treasures

Easter is almost upon us! How is it spring already? I guess because it never snowed I don't feel like we're properly done with winter yet (I can feel people shaking their fists at me as I type) but the sunshine and smell of freshly cut lawns is rather lovely. Daffodils aren't too bad either.

I'm a spring baby (actually, my birthday is on Easter every once and awhile) so I'm always fond of this time of the year. When I was a little kid, we used to have Easter Egg hunts for my birthday parties, usually rather soggy due to April weather. Fun times nevertheless. While I won't have any Easter Egg hunting this year (being an adult is overrated) I will dye eggs like I have since I was a kid. I'll be posting my lovely eggies later this week!

Here's my Easter Themed Tuesday Treasures!


Have a lovely short-week everyone! Any big plans for Easter?

Tuesday Treasures

Hello Everyone,

This whole not knitting thing is kind of bumming me out. Especially because I literally have BASKETS of new yarn in never-before-knitted-with-by-me colours. I'm not really having the best week, so to cheer myself up I'm going to start updating my illustrations page more (it's my left wrist that's healing, so drawing can't bug it too much.. thank goodness I'm a righty!)

Check it out here!

This Tuesday Treasures is a little less cutesy that usual (mood?) but I came across some really cool things on Etsy this week, so I thought I'd share.

 I'm in love with these city-landmark inspired prints! Such a great idea! 

Fable and Fury is one of my favourite Etsy shops. They have THE neatest things there. I love how big their necklaces are, and I love the obscure/creepy themes. I'm super attracted to large necklaces right now because I just bought one for my birthday (waves flag sarcastically) that turned out smaller than a penny. I'm a little disappointed. Fable and Fury has a necklace that has REDRUM and an axe on it that I'm rather fond of (I grew up on horror movies, okay??)

Speaking of growing up, I can't believe I've never showcased anything with my high school celebrity crush on it. Yup, that'd be Mr. Manson up there. While a little unstable, he is very intelligent and rather a good singer/writer/director/artist. What can I say, I like my guys well rounded! (and tattooed and skinny) Isn't that print of him amazing? (Yes, I like horror movies, sing with gusto to Manson in my car, knit like an old lady and collect vintage figurines...)

Back to something a bit more cute. I am in LOVE with this collar. The big black bow is adorable and it kind of reminds me of Sailor Moon (another childhood love) 

Anyways, that's this week's Tuesday Treasures! The sun is out right now and it's hard to believe it's 7pm!

Hope everyone has a lovely week!

Tuesday Treasures


After a few weeks of letting it slip (how do the weeks go so fast anyways? It's madness!) here's this week's Tuesday Treasures!

Not too much to report here, except Spring is on its way, and the dreaded daylight savings time is upon us. (Boo! Getting up at 6am was bad enough.. now I have to wake up at 5am!)  I was perfectly happy with sleeping in, getting to work in the daylight, and not having it be light at 7pm. Silliness indeed! It was lovely waking up this morning listening to the rain... and so hard to get out of bed! In other news, I was an idiot and tripped in the dark and fell on my bad wrist on the weekend (no alcohol involved I might add--- just stupidity.) Thanks to my wrist brace for making the work week (and this post) possible.

Here's this week's Tuesday Treasures!

Tuesday Treasures

Happy Tuesday Everyone! This Tuesday Treasures is a bit of a mishmash, but I'm loving the bright colours and retro feel.

I've been thwarted in my knitting... I've been told to rest my wrists, which are rather unhappy with me at the moment. I'm currently sitting on the couch with ice packs and blankets... (It's cold!) and of course I have a million creative ideas because I can't do anything... (always the way, isn't it?)

I also have accidentally blue hair. I tried to bleach barely noticeable purple bangs blonde... And it went blonde and baby blue... Whoops! I had to put blue dye to make it uniform....  We'll see how it looks! Update: they weren't kidding about atomic turquoise!

Stay tuned for some photos from some weekend excursions!! And hopefully a doll ( I can probably knit a leg....) on Friday!

Have a good week!

Tuesday Treasures Valentines Day Edition

To be honest, I've never been a huge fan of Valentines Day. Maybe it's being single. Maybe it's because it's the season of ugly generic heart necklaces (sorry if anyone has one! they're not all ugly....but there are some doozies out there) and chocolates waay too soon after the holidays. I do really like pink and red together (in the right combinations) so I've decided to take the romance part out, replace it with love, and do up a this week's Tuesday Treasures for Valentines Day!


I love this tree. It would be sweet on a Valentines Day Card

Gorgeous! I could deal with eating some heart shaped pancakes with jam on these beauties!

I'm seriously in love with this framed print.

I hate change in wallets--- this would be a very smart solution! And the cutest fabric!

Lovely Vintage Brooch!

Perfect for the little Valentine in your life!

Next winter...I want to be little red riding hood.

Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday Treasures


Sorry about the absence of Tuesday Treasures last week. I got caught up in making new signs for our clinic! (No more bright pink with comic sans font-yay!) Now they have our company logo, are in COLOUR, on white paper with cool medical diagrams related to the types of treatment. I love being able to beautify the office... one step at a time... haha!

I can't believe it's nearly Valentines Day! How is it February already? January absolutely flew by. The Adobe Illustrator course I'm taking is quite, er, interesting. I'd probably be better at picking it up if it wasn't after an 8 hour shift, if it wasn't a three hour class, and if it didn't end half an hour past my bedtime. Hopefully I'll have more success next week... that bloody pen tool will be the death of me!!

Here's this week's Tuesday Treasures. I decided to go with a British/Union jack theme because I'm in love with it. Maybe it's because I've been there? Maybe because I have a degree in British History.... I'm not sure, but Union Jacks are just cheerful.

I really want to go back to the UK one day. I went to Europe on a school trip when I was 14, and I know so much more history than I did then (but I was still pretty nerdy back then too haha) so I think it would be really neat. Plus, it's far away but is still English speaking! Score! I would love to go to Westminster Abbey. It was closed when we were there (devastating!) I also feel the need to walk through more castles (Scotland?--- definitely!). Canterbury Cathedral was also closed to the public (we arrived on a Sunday!) so that's definitely a must! When I went, digital cameras were just coming out to the common person, so I'd love to be able to take more photographs! 

Anyways, here is this week's British Tuesday Treasures!

Love everything about this

I may have to do this to my future furniture... I love the non-traditional colours too!

These are just too cool...did you notice the crowns on top?

I don't sew, but I do love fabric, and I don't think it gets much cooler than this!

Gorgeous Quilt! I love the mixture of colours and patterns! So un-old-ladyish!


Tuesday Treasures


Hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm fighting off the beginnings of a cold right now. I'm so worried about losing my voice. Due to staffing issues, I'm going to be working alone a bit more, and a voiceless secretary is pretty useless. "Ring Ring:" ----------. Hello? Hello?" Yup, I can imagine it right now.

I'm snuggling up on the couch right now in my tidy, well organized home, with my new zigzag afghan blanket (that my mum crocheted me --pictures soon), and thinking about making some Lipton soup. I've been pretty lucky so far this year, it seems like everyone in my office has been sneezing or coughing... so I'm not going to complain. I'm just happy there is a Booster Juice near where I work..... the best thing for a sore throat. (Though at 500 odd calories, more of a meal than a snack! Haha)

Anyways. Here's this week's Tuesday Treasures. The theme is squid. I don't know why. Well, I do. I found those amazing earrings on Etsy... and that was the jumping off point. I dissected a squid in biology class in high school.... I think these plushies are much cuter! 

He looks rather cuddly. Would be great for a nursery or kids room with a sea-side theme.

This is just too cute for words.

This pattern is amazing.. and the gorgeous colour combinations don't hurt either.

I'm always a fan of a nerdy t-shirt

How lovely is this ring?

These intricately carved necklaces are just stunning.

The beautiful squid earrings that started it all! I heart!


Have a great week everyone!

Thanks for reading dears,


Tuesday Treasures

I spent yesterday cleaning and organizing our office at work. It was a great experience (besides losing a day off) because it felt so good to purge useless stuff, find useful things that were hiding, and get things that we use often into better places. I feel much more ready to take on the next week with a clean office, papers put properly away and files filed into their new homes. (I'm not so excited to try and figure out billing errors--- I could never be an accountant (waah!)

I've spent the last week reorganizing my home, and I'm almost finished. As I've been reorganizing, I've come across some my favourite vintages/thrift store/inherited/ Etsy finds. I'll be photographing them and sharing them with you in the next couple weeks. (as long as I have enough sunlight... this apartment is quite dark in the winter.) It's fun to remove all the clutter and enjoy your favourite and dearest things. 

This week's Tuesday Treasures is all vintage finds from Etsy.


Love the shape and colours of these beautiful bowls

Such a fun print.. I love retro signs

While I'm definitely a dog person, these Siamese kitties are pretty sweet!

I wish this 1957 kids sweater came in my size! Isn't it lovely? 


Have a lovely week everyone! 


Thanks for reading dears,



Tuesday Treasures

Hello! This is the first Tuesday Treasures of 2013! This week's theme is foxes! They always make foxes sly in fairy tales, but I think they are absolutely sweet. Maybe it's because my parent's dog Felix looks a little like one...with his copper face and a pointy nose! I also love forest creatures as a theme for a child's room. Owls, foxes, rabbits, deer etc...there's something comforting about a dense forest, a warm den, and meadow full of wild flowers. Here's this week's Tuesday Treasures!..

Cuddly Friend

Gorgeous Brooch

Fox Felt Friend

Lovely Glass Pendant

Sweetest Cowl

Have a lovely week!  


Thanks for reading dears,



Tuesday Treasures

Snow white is my all time favourite fairytale. Not the Disney one with the high pitched voice, ordering grown men around in their homes and shrieking at princes. The real, Grimms one. Maybe it's because princesses are always depicted as blonde. Maybe it's because my skin is almost as white as snow (or so the lack of matching foundation tells me.) I don't know what it is, but Snow White eating a poisoned apple has always fascinated me.

In the REAL story, the witch comes to the cottage three separate times. Once she sells corset laces and laces her up so tight she falls down as if dead. The second visit, she puts a poison comb into her hair and she revives when it's removed. The poisoned apple is lodged in her throat, and a bump in the road when the prince is carrying her coffin to his castle (because she's so beautiful he can't part with her) makes the apple piece dislodge and she awakens and marries him. The witch doesn't get off scot-free though, she's made to wear red hot shoes and dance til she dies at the wedding. Probably won't be reading that one to any little kids.... but it's interesting none-the-less.

Tuesday Teasures

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for being so silent the last little while. I will definitely try to post more regularly! It is one (of many) personal goals I have been making lately. I definitely think it has something to do with my not working Mondays very often, so I keep forgetting that it's Tuesday, as if feels like my Monday!

This week's Tuesday Treasure's theme is The Game of Thrones-- a book series/ HBO television series that I'm in love with. Ridiculous amounts of nudity and violence aside, it's truly captivating and is bringing out my inner geek. I think it's the combination history/fantasy genre that grabs me. (my inner historian-hah!) For fantasy it doesn't seem too "out there" and far fetched, which is my usual issue with the genre. I tried reading Lord of the Rings once, and my impression was that it consisted of long descriptions of landscapes and long sentences starting with "So and so, son of so and so... x20". (Though I did enjoy The Hobbit.)

I particularly like the structure of the Game of Thrones books as it follows particular characters per chapter. The descriptions are vivid, the dialogue (especially Tyrian) is delightful and the extremely complex characters makes for a good read.

Here's what some of Etsy's crafters have come up with in honour of this fabulous series ^_^

Absolutely in love with this crown... fit for a Queen.

Amazing pendant displaying the different houses

Gorgeous Dragon Egg Pendant-- I can picture Dany wearing it.

Direwolf Crochet Cuties



of Arya

I am seriously considering purchasing this bracelet....

Framed "Winter is Coming" book page pendant-- amazing!


ny Targaryen would be proud to sport this lovely ear-cuff

Etsy Links: 

Have a lovely week!


Tuesday Treasures

 This weekend is Thanksgiving and I'm so excited. Sometimes I think I like Thanksgiving even more than Christmas. I love the pumpkins, the changing leaves, delicious yams and yummy stuffing. It's the perfect introduction to the cooler weather. My parent's got some wood for their fireplace and we've had two lovely fires so far. Their little dachshund absolutely loves basking in the crackling warmth (I'm rather partial to joining him.) It hasn't rained here in three months, which is extremely unusual as we have a very warm/temperate climate with a lot of rain. Each week I gaze longingly at the weather forecast for a nice downpour, but it's been sun sun sun!

Fun Fact: Apparently we used to cerebrate Thanksgiving in November like America, but I'm glad we changed in to the second Monday in October in 1957 (though I'm not sure why). Things are too dead and wintery up here in November to look very harvesty, haha.

Anyways, whether you are enjoying turkey this weekend or not, here's this week's Tuesday Treasures!

Sweet Turkey Dress

Little Acorn Men

Turkey Tutu

Pumpkin Dress-- wish this came in my size-hehe

This little hat is too sweet!

 Links to these lovely Etsy Products:

Have a lovely weekend! What is your favourite holiday?


Tuesday Treasures

Hello Again! Sorry for my two week absence. I started my new MOA job at a busy physiotherapy clinic and have been getting up ridiculously early... which means I'm napping and going to bed at 9pm most nights. I've also been spending some time with my family and my lovely friend who I'm excited to live in the same town as again... I'm definitely going to post more often once I get this whole time-management thing sorted (haha-- I wish). 

Anyways, I'm loving my job, learning tons each day, and getting more confident talking on phones and being in front of customers. :) I also completed a little french bulldog for a custom order. I'll post her soon. I have a bunch of projects on the go from previous orders, and have a few neat ideas kicking around that I can't wait to get around to. 

I'm loving the fall weather we've been having. It's so nice out that I sat on the beach the other day in shorts... okay, that wasn't very fall-ish... but it was lovely. It's gotten a bit cooler lately and I've been enjoying the Peppermint Tea I bought from David's Tea. I've tried a salted caramel hot-chocolate twice in the last month... just not loving it. It's way too sweet and gritty.  (I know I'm in the minority here.. hehe) but I think I'm going to buy some whipping creme and throw some coarse salt and caramel sauce on my hot chocolate from home (also won't cost as much!). My absolute favourite hot chocolate is Land of Lakes. They have Raspberry, French Vanilla, Mocha and Caramel flavours and they're all delicious (and not too sweet or gritty) I'm really looking forward to a nice rainy day (in a month I'll be kicking myself for saying this...it rains all winter here), where I can thrown on a tv series, put on my moccasins, snuggle up in a blanket, drink tea, and knit and draw all day. Perfection. 

Anyways, here's this week's Tuesday Treasures....Hounds-tooth and Plaid (two patterns that always remind me of fall!)

Isn't this little guy a sweetie? I love his ear!  Find it


 I love the red trim on this hounds-tooth coat! Find it


 I've always loved anything scotty dog. It always reminds me of my friend back home. 

Find it


 I love tartan too... this purse is adorable. Find it


If I actually still had books to carry around (ahh- freak out-- I'm not a student anymore!) I'd use this.

Find it HERE

Have a great week everyone! What have you been up to lately?

Tuesday Treasures

Happy First Day of School Everyone! I can't believe it's that time of year again! Kids are getting their back-to-school clothes, new binders and pretty school supplies. Victoria is full of college and university students once again, all in a mad rush to move back, set up and get their books. I definitely miss my university days. I loved receiving the syllabus and seeing what I was going to learn each day. I'm a bit of a nerd, so it's hard to grow up completely. I've been considering sneaking into my friend's Russian Film class... but I'm too much of a goodie goodie to actually do it. I'll have to console myself with meeting her for tea on campus and living vicariously through her (and appreciate that I've filled my lifetime paper-writing quota, haha)

This week's Tuesday Treasures theme is back to school!

Cutest Wreath- Find it


Oh the Places You'll Go Prints- Find them


Re-useable Sandwich Bags - Find them


Laminated Lunch Kits- Find them


Cutest Pencil Jars- Find them


Lunchbox (for grown-ups too??) Find it


Have a great week everyone!