Hello and Welcome!

About Teacups and Spectacles

Hi there, my name is Karen Moffatt, and this is Teacups & Spectacles. I'm a graphic designer/marketing communicator by day, and Teacups & Spectacles is a place for my extra-curricular creative energies and inspirations. Currently, I am working on illustrating a greeting card line. I’ll narrate the ups and downs of my card-launching adventure, and give tips, so follow along on my blog. 

A little about me

I have a love for bold glasses, mid-century furniture, knitted toys, bicycles, tattoos, houseplants, and vintage china. When I’m not doodling away in my sketchbook, writing a blog post, or pinning design inspiration on Pinterest, I’m probably with my lovely bearded-husband, biking, or exploring the loveliness that Victoria BC, Canada has to offer.