Instagram for Introverts


Taking this photo was a big deal for me. It sounds incredibly silly, but as an introvert, I find it super hard to just “be” in public. I’m working on coming out of my shell, owning my space in public, and working in places like coffee shops. Here, oddly enough, my imaginary audience is helpful – spurring me on to actually get working, and not to scroll through social media feeds. I sit on the bar – computer facing inwards for ultimate accountability.

My husband took this photograph. He stood beside two girls who were smoking in an alley. (like, right beside, they didn’t even step out of the way.) Usually, I would’ve shrunk from having an audience: embarrassed and ashamed to be taking such a picture. Who does she think she is? Ugh, not another twenty-something posing in front of a mural.

Ever seen the video #instagramhusband? Definitely not us. (Though I did have to beg to get some photos taken of me during our trip. I joked that the photo album would read: T went to San Francisco if he didn’t add a few of me in the mix.

Anyways, I decided to hold my ground, stand up tall, and confidently (not in an awkward-slouch wrecking the picture.) And I’m super pleased with how it turned out!

Being the cynical, slightly- awkward person that I am, I struggle with social media. I enjoy the polished feeds of other creatives or online personalities. I never think “oh, what a weirdo" for standing in front of a mural. But for some reason, I troll myself before someone else does, making me cringe most times when I press the “post” button.

So, next time you shrink away from capturing a moment, decide: would I enjoy having this photo? This memory? This view of my workstation? Even that selfie just because you like your new shade of lipstick. I say: just do it.