52 Project and Some Goals

Hello Everyone!

Happy New Year! 

Isn't it strange to think we've entered the 20"teens". I've often wondered how we're going to divide these years when looking back at them. I mean, you can say "oh, that mod dress is so 60's"... but what era do you say the "one inch zipper" low rider jeans of my youth would be in? "Oh, those are so....00's?". "First decade?" <-- much too space age sounding for me, thanks. Anyways, it's a conundrum. >_<

I'm sure half of people are feeling inspired and motivated today. The other half are avoiding loud noises and hiding in dark rooms. I'm not quite sure what I'm feeling. I think for me, September will always feel more like a "new year" than January.... the obvious shift in the season, "going back to school" (my favourite time as a child), getting out of the flip flops and into boots and warm coats.

 I have caught a bit of an organization bug this recently. I've always been a little disastrous (but well meaning!) with my home. I think I used to just get overwhelmed at the loads of crafting supplies. Now I "get" what works and am slowly implementing it. I also got a kick-ass vacuum for Christmas, so these aging apartment carpets are going to have a face lift (I can hope!)

Anyways, with all of the New Years and motivational stuff going around, I decided to make a few resolutions...

Resolutions 2013

1. Take better care of myself (exercise, eat better, floss... you know, the usual)

2. Take more care to put things away and don't let things pile up into Hurricane Karen. (A term an old boyfriend <not always so affectionately> coined)

3. Learn to enjoy doing nothing more. Put on a movie or pick up a book, make a cup of tea, and just enjoy being. I'm terrible at relaxing and always feel fidgety if I'm not "making" something. I really need to work on this.

4. Really start pushing to make my <<dream>> of an illustrated card line a <<reality>>.

5. Sell the dolls at a craft fair or local flea market... not a huge expensive fair where they'll get lost in the shuffle.

6. Update this blog regularly! (I'm the worst)

7.  Keep a positive attitude about work, even if it is a bit frazzling sometimes.

8. Try to get out of the house more. Go to a coffee shop. Get food from some little hole in the wall. It's so easy to be a hermit when you live alone.

9. Organize my closet. Get rid of things that don't fit, I've always hated etc.

10. Not feel guilty and mad at myself that I cut my hair. I'm growing it out again, that does not make it a failure. I'm just trying to deal with it. It's frustrating. I'm scissor happy. I'll keep trying different styles until I find something that works. If it's always in an ugly stage, oh well.

I also have decided to do a

52 project

(365 projects sound lovely, but this is definitely more manageable... (plus where the heck would I put 365 dolls?!?!) I'll try to keep to it the best I can ^_^.

 So stay tuned for more regular postings, perhaps some pictures of a reorganized work space, and constant updates with new dollies. It's kinda fun to think all that yarn is going to be become little huggable dollies for people to love! I can't wait to name them!

Thanks for reading dears,


Newest Dollie Update

These rainy days have been perfect for cuddling up inside and knitting. I finished this little sweetie this week. I'm loving the little milkmaid braid and patterned sweater.

On a less cheerful note, I came home from work on Friday night, and developed a wicked case of the stomach flu, so I've been sleeping, dragging myself around the apartment, and not being able to knit or doing anything productive. It's driving me slightly crazy, as this weekend was designated to be the "get my life in order weekend" ie. clean everything and get my craft stuff in order after my crafting spree this last week. Hopefully I'm feeling better tomorrow, as I have my first staff meeting.

Wish me luck!