Two weeks ago, N and I went on a mini-vacation to Parksville. It's a little seaside town about two hours north of Victoria. It's unique because the water is so shallow, the beach is so sandy, and because of those two factors, the water is usually really warm. Sadly, it was only 15 degrees (59 Fahrenheit) and cloudy the whole time.  We went swimming the first night, but didn't take any pictures. It was still gray and cloudy, but the tide was in so the water was warmer. I bought Nate a waterproof camera (Fuji-brand) last Christmas, and it was amazing! It was so much fun to take it out in the ocean, and the pictures we go were great! After our second swimming attempt, we went to the little mini-golf place, and played in the arcade. I won the jackpot twice and got a little hello kitty doll! Super exciting-- I've never won anything before!

Here's the pics:

Cold water up the back! It would've been so lovely if it had been a nice sunny day!

New little friend.

Finally got in...sort of.

Sand-dollars! So pretty!


Such a cool shot!

Floating feets

Mini-golf at Paradise Fun Park