Dolled Up

It's been so hot out lately. My west-facing apartment is an oven right now. I know that it's almost 40 degrees in parts of the states, and it's only 25+ here right now, but I am so not used to the heat. The weather has been so crappy this summer-- mostly rain and and comparatively cold. I enjoyed sitting on my bed, propped up with pillows, knitting dollies and watching TV shows on my laptop, while listening to the rain. It's hard to be productive when you're sticky, hot, and feel like you're suffocating. 

The clothes in the autumn and winter are much cuter too. I bought a few cardigans, a few blouses, and dress pants for job interviews-- I feel like a real grown up now. Haha. It definitely feels good to dress up a bit. Victoria is a REALLY laid back city. Jeans+Hoodies+Yoga pants are the norm. Here's a cute little outfit I came up with for this week's Dolled Up.

 I love this outfit. It's a little bit dorky and quite quirky. The fair-isle socks, the sweater with a work shirt underneath, cropped jeans, cute little Oxfords, and an adorable little fox bag.

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend (where applicable!) It's BC day here. ^_^