Tuesday Treasures

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I really needed a break from my accounting class... not stoked about going back tomorrow to write three tests this week. (crawls into bed with head under covers). On a happier note, the weather did improve for Canada Day! I decided to just stay in this year and avoid the 25,000 people downtown (not kidding) but the pictures of the fireworks were awesome! If you 'like' I <3 Downtown Victoria on Facebook you can see the photos! 

I was excited to find Canada Day themed things on Etsy. It's surprising how many times I look for the Canadian flag in "Flags of the World" and don't find it. We're right next to the states and we're geographically kinda hard to miss! 

So, I'm taking this opportunity to celebrate the maple leaf as it properly deserves. Happy Canada Day to the 34,126,000 who call Canada Home!