Tuesday Treasures

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

What a summer the west coast is having! I think we've had about 5 hot days all year! It's hard not to feel envious looking at other blogger's lovely t-shirt weather, popsicle recipes and days at the pool! I've been carrying umbrellas, putting the heat on, wearing slippers and drinking hot chocolate and it's almost July!  I'm not really complaining--- I'm very lucky to not be affected by the flooding that's happening in BC right now. Basically, this rain just has to stop. Everything is green and then some, Mother Nature, you can hold off for awhile!

This cloudy, rainy weather, plus being inside all morning doing accounting (I got an A in the last course, btw! Thank Goodness!) has got me kind of blue (still another accounting course to go) so I decided to theme this week's Tuesday Treasures after our lovely summer weather...

Tuesday Treasures is a  weekly feature--- featuring my favourite handmade goods from Etsy Artists, Crafters and Makers! I provide links at the bottom of each post so you can check out these awesome goods!

1. Raindrop Ring

2. Cloud Mobile

3. Rainy Day Bonnet,

4. Rubber boot liners

5. Girl and Dog Painting

How's the weather like where you are? Rainy and cold like here? Nice and sunny? Comment where you are and how the weather is!