Yarn Swatch DIY

Hello! This is a little DIY I put together.

I always end up at the yarn shop staring blankly at the acres of yarn. I know which brands I use, but sometimes the colours are quite similar and I want to make sure that I'm purchasing the right one. For instance, there are two very similar shades of orange in Vanna's Choice, and I didn't want a doll with un-matching pigtails (aka a bad dye job).

I decided to create a yarn swatch ring to keep in my purse so I can stock up on my favourite yarns during sales!


 To create the yarn swatch, buy a binder/ cue card ring. You can purchase these in a package at office supply stores like Staples

  1. First you get your yarn collection together, and cut snippets off the end. 
  2. Double knot the yarn to the ring so it doesn't untie.
  3. Don't worry too much if the yarn is uneven, you can trim it later. 
  4. Once all the yarn is tied on dampen, fix with hairspray, and smooth the yarn so all strands are facing the same direction (so it's easier to see each strand)
  5. Trim the edges and admire your handy-work!

So there you are! You can connect multiple rings together for different varieties (variegated, chunky, baby fine, etc)