Tuesday Treasures

Good morning! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. It's 1pm, so it might be a little odd to start with that greeting, but as I am in my pajamas with the snuffles-- it feels appropriate. I had made this lovely post about an hour ago- but the html got very confused and wouldn't let me publish, so I went through the entire coding with a fine tooth comb--- and as there were no visible problems--- here I am again. Hopefully this one will be up to snuff!

I decided to do a kiddie themed post, as all the little boys and girls recently opened their presents and stockings for Christmas. I had a lovely Christmas, full of good food and family and friends (including my boyfriend's gigantic, lovely family). I'll post some pictures soon! For now... here is this week's Tuesday Treasures! *crosses fingers*

Kewpie Doll:

I love how old fashioned these little guys look! I'd like to make her a little dress though, she looks cold!

Find it HERE:

Cuddly Monsters:

Once I actually learn to knit with multiple needles as well as to increase (diagrams don't work with my brain) I will buy this book! Certainly much better than your Grandma's knitting patterns--- so quirky and cute!

Find it HERE:

Elfish Hat:

I would actually wear this if it came in my size! So whimsical!

Find it HERE:

Pretty Bows:

There are so many choices of ribbon! How fun! I personally love the one with skulls (you can see all the choices on her Etsy page!)

Find them HERE:

Enjoy and Happy End of Holidays!