Tuesday Treasures

This is the last Tuesday before Christmas, so a toy themed post seemed appropriate. In the old days it was easier to imagine elves actually making toys. It's pretty hard to say that an elf made some battery powered gadget in a workshop at the north pole--- which is why wooden toys will always be popular. There is something pure about a wooden toy-- it's simplistic, beautiful, natural and nostalgic. Handmade wooden toys are even better... so this week here's some beautiful handmade toys on Etsy!


I love the different colour wood stains. So rich and pretty.

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Baby's First Toys:

What a lovely gift!

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Deer Little Toys:

I have a thing with deer (as you might have noticed...) They are so delicate and sweet. These ones would look so cute in a babies or a kid's room!

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Farm Yard Fun:

Unpainted shapes--- what possibilities! You could paint these as a gift for a younger child, or send them blank for an older child to decorate!

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Mr. Moose

Can't get more Canadian than this! Isn't he CUTE? If I have kids-- they are definitely having this moose teether.

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Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope you have a lovely time with your friends and family!