Tuesday Treasures - Christmas Edition

Okay Okay, I know it's not even December yet, but I love Christmas and have decided to try and extend the amount of Christmasy Tuesday Treasures posts as much as possible! The shops have been decked out for awhile now, and craft fair season is in full swing, so I can have a blog post devoted to Christmasy Lovelies. 

I'm kicking off the season with a Pink Christmas theme! I don't know why I think of pink as Christmasy. Maybe it's the 1950s? Those misty mints? I don't know why, but there's just something magical and glowy about pink Christmas decor. 

Etsy is brimming with delightful vintage decorations! My dream is to one day have one of those aluminium Christmas trees. I've always preferred white Christmas trees (maybe it's because I'm French? Apparently they are popular in Quebec.) When I first saw a real silver aluminum tree filled with icicles and giant retro mercury glass ornaments-- I was in love. Unfortunately, those trees are pretty rare and expensive now... so they're just a dream at this point....one day.... one day....

Here's what Etsy has to offer if you're in love with pink Christmases as much as I am!