Tuesday Treasures Birthday Edition

My birthday is on Monday, so I decided that I'd theme this week's Tuesday Treasures my wishlist items from Etsy. This is all imaginary, but these are a few of my favouritist things at the moment that I wouldn't mind owning. (I'm terrible with wishlists, everyone else does it but always feel a twinge of greedy... but I can like things on the internet and share them, so I should probably get over that. Haha.)

Anyways, I'm feeling a little weird about turning twenty-four. It just sounds OLD. I felt like this about twenty-three last year, but twenty-four is just so close to twenty-five, and twenty-five is only five years from thirty and OMG WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!?! (Does anyone go through these feelings?) haha.

I'm caught between trying to figure out my life (job, husband, house and kids do have to start somewhere right?!) and trying to just be chill and let things happen. It's a weird balance, because if you don't go out and try to get things in your life, you'll probably stay single, and live alone in your rented apartment, knitting dolls.(panic attack ensues!)  But if you try too hard, you won't let things happen naturally and then you're back to being a spinster, renting, and knitting dolls. Life is so complicated nowadays. Can I time travel to 1965 and get married out of high school and have two kids by now? It would definitely take the stress off a bit! (not to mention the amazing clothes... ulterior motive?)

Anyways, now that I've freaked myself out, here's some pretty things to take my mind off it:

This gorgeous three stone bezel set ring (though three might be too wide for my finger)

This GORGEOUS print from one of my favourite flash artists

This GORGEOUS necklace from Fable and Fury (Okay, I might have to cave and actually buy this one)

I love the retro-starburst-ishness of this ring!

This amazing serotonin necklace. I'm in love!


Have a lovely week, and keep your fingers crossed that the weather is nice so I can pet some baby goats (and not so baby goats) at the petting zoo! I'll have to take photos!