Tuesday Treasures

We put on a baby shower for my cousin's sweet baby boy this weekend. The decorations stayed up, yummy food was eaten, but most importantly it was a lovely chance to catch up with family-- especially ones from out of town. My other cousin is having a baby in the summer, so it's an exciting time. It makes my heart happy to envision little ones running around together at family events in the future.

I'm embarking on a pretty busy week, but had a productive weekend. I sat in a coffee shop for the first time in years with my notebook. I wrote down a bunch of ideas and it was super helpful. Feeling kinda pumped about my endeavors, even if they are rather exhausting.My hand is also falling off from attempting to get back into knitting, but it felt so good to knit again. I'm on the list for a CT scan, which might give some answers. Wish me luck!

This week's Tuesday Treasures is all about toys! I know I've posted similar things in the past but I just love a good, quality, handmade toy!

Love the shape of this airplane

I adore the organic look of this hedgehog toy. Isn't he sweet?

I almost want to buy one of these now for my future child. That's how much I love this.

Crochet veggies are more fun than plastic.. you can even cuddle with them!

Seriously, check this out. Best dress up props EVER! Let your imagination soar!