Tuesday Treasures

Hello Everyone,

This whole not knitting thing is kind of bumming me out. Especially because I literally have BASKETS of new yarn in never-before-knitted-with-by-me colours. I'm not really having the best week, so to cheer myself up I'm going to start updating my illustrations page more (it's my left wrist that's healing, so drawing can't bug it too much.. thank goodness I'm a righty!)

Check it out here!

This Tuesday Treasures is a little less cutesy that usual (mood?) but I came across some really cool things on Etsy this week, so I thought I'd share.

 I'm in love with these city-landmark inspired prints! Such a great idea! 

Fable and Fury is one of my favourite Etsy shops. They have THE neatest things there. I love how big their necklaces are, and I love the obscure/creepy themes. I'm super attracted to large necklaces right now because I just bought one for my birthday (waves flag sarcastically) that turned out smaller than a penny. I'm a little disappointed. Fable and Fury has a necklace that has REDRUM and an axe on it that I'm rather fond of (I grew up on horror movies, okay??)

Speaking of growing up, I can't believe I've never showcased anything with my high school celebrity crush on it. Yup, that'd be Mr. Manson up there. While a little unstable, he is very intelligent and rather a good singer/writer/director/artist. What can I say, I like my guys well rounded! (and tattooed and skinny) Isn't that print of him amazing? (Yes, I like horror movies, sing with gusto to Manson in my car, knit like an old lady and collect vintage figurines...)

Back to something a bit more cute. I am in LOVE with this collar. The big black bow is adorable and it kind of reminds me of Sailor Moon (another childhood love) 

Anyways, that's this week's Tuesday Treasures! The sun is out right now and it's hard to believe it's 7pm!

Hope everyone has a lovely week!