Tuesday Treasures


After a few weeks of letting it slip (how do the weeks go so fast anyways? It's madness!) here's this week's Tuesday Treasures!

Not too much to report here, except Spring is on its way, and the dreaded daylight savings time is upon us. (Boo! Getting up at 6am was bad enough.. now I have to wake up at 5am!)  I was perfectly happy with sleeping in, getting to work in the daylight, and not having it be light at 7pm. Silliness indeed! It was lovely waking up this morning listening to the rain... and so hard to get out of bed! In other news, I was an idiot and tripped in the dark and fell on my bad wrist on the weekend (no alcohol involved I might add--- just stupidity.) Thanks to my wrist brace for making the work week (and this post) possible.

Here's this week's Tuesday Treasures!