Tuesday Treasures


Sorry about the absence of Tuesday Treasures last week. I got caught up in making new signs for our clinic! (No more bright pink with comic sans font-yay!) Now they have our company logo, are in COLOUR, on white paper with cool medical diagrams related to the types of treatment. I love being able to beautify the office... one step at a time... haha!

I can't believe it's nearly Valentines Day! How is it February already? January absolutely flew by. The Adobe Illustrator course I'm taking is quite, er, interesting. I'd probably be better at picking it up if it wasn't after an 8 hour shift, if it wasn't a three hour class, and if it didn't end half an hour past my bedtime. Hopefully I'll have more success next week... that bloody pen tool will be the death of me!!

Here's this week's Tuesday Treasures. I decided to go with a British/Union jack theme because I'm in love with it. Maybe it's because I've been there? Maybe because I have a degree in British History.... I'm not sure, but Union Jacks are just cheerful.

I really want to go back to the UK one day. I went to Europe on a school trip when I was 14, and I know so much more history than I did then (but I was still pretty nerdy back then too haha) so I think it would be really neat. Plus, it's far away but is still English speaking! Score! I would love to go to Westminster Abbey. It was closed when we were there (devastating!) I also feel the need to walk through more castles (Scotland?--- definitely!). Canterbury Cathedral was also closed to the public (we arrived on a Sunday!) so that's definitely a must! When I went, digital cameras were just coming out to the common person, so I'd love to be able to take more photographs! 

Anyways, here is this week's British Tuesday Treasures!

Love everything about this

I may have to do this to my future furniture... I love the non-traditional colours too!

These are just too cool...did you notice the crowns on top?

I don't sew, but I do love fabric, and I don't think it gets much cooler than this!

Gorgeous Quilt! I love the mixture of colours and patterns! So un-old-ladyish!