Around the House

Happy Weekend!

The sun came out today, which is big news living in Victoria. In the winter, it basically rains or is grey everyday. A lot of people grumble about about the rain, but I enjoy snuggling up inside, sipping tea, bundled up with the windows all open listening to it. Plus, everything is green year round. It's terrible for photos though.

Today I met a friend downtown for bubble tea and strolled through Chinatown in the sunshine. I got up early and cleaned and organized my apartment. Satisfying day!

It feels a little like Spring here. I'm a little sad because we didn't even have ONE snow flake. Not-a-one! I love when the sky turns lavender and all the pretty snowflakes flutter down. Everything looks so peaceful covered in white. (Anyone from eastern Canada is probably rolling their eyes, I'd be sick of it too, but it's such a novelty here!)

I saw about five minutes of snow when I was in Vancouver in early December... but it turned to rain by the time we got outside... rain that was horizontal and unavoidable and freezing cold. Thank goodness it was a close walk to the cafe for a hot breakfast. If you're ever in Yaletown, try going to "Sciué Italian Bakery Caffé". I had probably the


scrambled eggs, sausage, and everything on the plate was to die for... like I'm not even a "breakfast person" and I was blown away. It's also gorgeous (nothing like this exists in Victoria, I swear.) I had an astounded look on my face when I entered. When my friend described the "little coffee shop" he went to... I had not imagined this! Anyways, that was quite a bit of sidetracking from discussing the lack of snow in Victoria.... but seriously. I would go to Vancouver again just to eat here!

Photo taken from Google Maps

Back to the weather (cuz that's not a cliche topic, right?) Anyways, I'm torn between wishing for the brisk, sunshiney days of spring with cherry blossoms and gardens, and a nice blanket of snow with boots and warm beverages. No matter which way the weather chooses to go (It's ground hog day, isn't it?... I believe the rodent hypothesizes that it will be an early spring!)...this sunshine has got me into spring cleaning mode.... so here's a few pictures of my apartment!

 I'm off to go eat some poutine from a local hole in the wall (like, basically a hole in the wall.... I'm not kidding) in Esquimalt and to play Scatergories with my parents. Definitely a good day!

 Have a lovely weekend!

What's the best meal you've ever had at a restaurant? Or a top 3?