Tuesday Treasures

Hello Again! Sorry for my two week absence. I started my new MOA job at a busy physiotherapy clinic and have been getting up ridiculously early... which means I'm napping and going to bed at 9pm most nights. I've also been spending some time with my family and my lovely friend who I'm excited to live in the same town as again... I'm definitely going to post more often once I get this whole time-management thing sorted (haha-- I wish). 

Anyways, I'm loving my job, learning tons each day, and getting more confident talking on phones and being in front of customers. :) I also completed a little french bulldog for a custom order. I'll post her soon. I have a bunch of projects on the go from previous orders, and have a few neat ideas kicking around that I can't wait to get around to. 

I'm loving the fall weather we've been having. It's so nice out that I sat on the beach the other day in shorts... okay, that wasn't very fall-ish... but it was lovely. It's gotten a bit cooler lately and I've been enjoying the Peppermint Tea I bought from David's Tea. I've tried a salted caramel hot-chocolate twice in the last month... just not loving it. It's way too sweet and gritty.  (I know I'm in the minority here.. hehe) but I think I'm going to buy some whipping creme and throw some coarse salt and caramel sauce on my hot chocolate from home (also won't cost as much!). My absolute favourite hot chocolate is Land of Lakes. They have Raspberry, French Vanilla, Mocha and Caramel flavours and they're all delicious (and not too sweet or gritty) I'm really looking forward to a nice rainy day (in a month I'll be kicking myself for saying this...it rains all winter here), where I can thrown on a tv series, put on my moccasins, snuggle up in a blanket, drink tea, and knit and draw all day. Perfection. 

Anyways, here's this week's Tuesday Treasures....Hounds-tooth and Plaid (two patterns that always remind me of fall!)

Isn't this little guy a sweetie? I love his ear!  Find it


 I love the red trim on this hounds-tooth coat! Find it


 I've always loved anything scotty dog. It always reminds me of my friend back home. 

Find it


 I love tartan too... this purse is adorable. Find it


If I actually still had books to carry around (ahh- freak out-- I'm not a student anymore!) I'd use this.

Find it HERE

Have a great week everyone! What have you been up to lately?