My life lately, according to instagram....

1. Sitting on a rock at Saxe Point

2. Adorable squishy-faced bunny at the Saanich Fall Fair

3. Huge Dahlia display!

4. Love living by the ocean

5. Yummy Candy Apple (my fillings are in tact!)

6. Getting up before dawn is icky

7. The offending hot chocolate tee hee.

8. Snuggly socks

9. Early morning breakie with raspberry rhubarb jam.

1. Doodling at the beach

2. Getting to work waay too early to find parking

3. Jeans almost fit.. almost.

4. Lovely fudge from Whipple Tree Junction in two dollar thrifted dish (see not fitting jeans)

5. Loving my new haircut

6. Basking at Cadboro Bay

7. Unimpressed faced at being stood up...again

8. Cute French Bulldog

9. Movie and Borscht for two (Borscht was in burling pot when photo was taken)


Thanks for reading dears,