Tuesday Treasures

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

First a little update: 

Whew! I had a busy week. I finished off my business writing class (thank goodness! --- if I have to look at one more ambiguously written multiple choice test I will scream). I'm starting accounting now, which seems like it will be a bit more interesting. Never thought I'd say that-- haha!

In my off time I've been quite enthralled with the television show "Bones". It's hard to watch while eating at times, as the dead bodies they are studying look rather realistic... but it's quite an entertaining show. For the non-squeamish (or the desensitized like me) I highly recommend it!

Onto this weeks Etsy Favourites: 

I've really taken a shine to this type of jewellery lately. I loved crystals, gemstones and minerals when I was a child. When I was six my mother bought me a geode from the local science store and I was enthralled. There is a shop called "Mineral World" in Sidney (north of Victoria) which has a "scratch patch" where children can sift through tumbled rocks. Such fun childhood memories. I never imagined wearing a geode! Cool and beautiful!

1. Mint Green Agate

2. Titanium Druzy Studs 

3. Geode Ring

4. Geode Necklace

5. Teardrop Earrings

6. Silver Necklace

Hope you enjoyed this week's Tuesday Treasures. Go check out these great Etsy Sellers and have a great week!