Tuesday Treasures

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 

I decided to make this week's theme robots! I knitted two robots last week--- a boy and a girl. I'm super excited about them and hope to make more! 

It is so cold and rainy out this week. I can't believe its June... it feels like November. I have a 5 page Business Report to write this week (again-- what does this have to do with my future career... I'm going to be an MOA!) It won't take too long though, so I'll be curled up on my couch, blanket in my lap, with a cup of tea, knitting away. 

Here's Mr. Robot and his girlfriend Kamiko. (Yes, I'm silly) 

This week's Tuesday Treasures: 



1. Nightlight

2. Steampunk Necklace

3. Banner

4. Mug

5. Shoes

6. Robot Earrings

Hope everyone has a lovely week! Did you do anything exciting this weekend?