Tuesday Treasures

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I woke up with a sore throat on the day of my last exam, and after writing it, I came down with a full-blown flu! Boo! My friend jokes, "Karen, if you didn't have bad luck, you wouldn't have any!" I'm starting to think she's right! I was supposed to meet up with my friend from home, Stephanie, who I see on a bi-yearly visit too! I thought I would be uploading lovely photos of our excursions in Victoria... but my fever had other plans. Talk about bad timing. I spent my weekend on the couch, my face in a Kleenex and my head in a pillow. I watched an entire season of the AMC show "The Killing" (cheerful, I know) and it's really good! It is set in Seattle but apparently it's filmed in Vancouver (which is very close to me!) There's nothing like a television marathon to pass the time when you're bedridden and icky.

This week doesn't have a set theme--- just cheerful things that make me happy.