Tuesday Treasures

I've had quite the week! My boyfriend and I were t-boned driving home from my school last Tuesday. It wasn't our fault, and if the guy had been looking while turning left over multiple lanes, he would've been able to slow down in time. Sadly, he gunned it--- into me! I'm so lucky to be in one piece! I'm very sore all over though, which has been a fun element added to my super-stressful last week of school!

On the bright side, I'm taking a very simple, almost-homework-less class for the next month, so I should be able to craft, update, and post pictures more often! Horray!

I can't believe it's almost May! My mum planted her garden two weeks ago, and things are already sprouting! I'm super excited about all the fresh veggies-yum! My absolute favourites are the beet tops! They taste so yummy cooked with a little bit of margarine or in salads with raspberry vinaigrette dresssing. I can't wait! This week's Tuesday Treasures is veggies and garden theme! Enjoy!