The Weekend

I had a really great weekend. It felt so good to take a break from school for a whole day! Our chapters are getting much more involved now--- before we were just learning the language of medicine, like "arthr/o(joint) + itis(inflammation) = arthritis= joint inflammation." Now we are actually learning every minute bit of the digestive system, along with most every possible condition of it. It's a ton of information, but I seem to be retaining it alright.

On Saturday, I met my friend for bubble tea in China town. It's our favourite thing to do. She goes to University here, but is from the Kootenays (where I was born). She just moved back to Victoria after taking a year off, so it was super nice to see her again! I had this idea to take some photos of my favourite places in Victoria, and I started while we were there! Here's what it's called...

Okay, so I felt a little dorky taking pictures of her around town... but the result is so cute that it's worth it!

China town is probably my favourite place in Victoria. I will definitely post some more pictures in a future post, it was pretty rainy and stormy when we were out there (and to my horror, Etta accidentally face planted onto the sidewalk!) I love the bubble tea there. If you're not familiar with bubble tea, it's a tea based drink mixed with either fruit or creamy flavouring. The drink is filled with tapioca balls and jellies (rectangular fruity gels). The straw is so big to fit the jellies and tapicoa balls. You get a delicious, chewy mouthful. Maybe it sounds gross... but I promise you, it's delicious. Pineapple jellies are my favourite!

There's also some great restaurants, adorable stores that meander along a block, and the tiniest street in Victoria--- Fan Tan Alley. The archway itself is just breathtaking. If you are ever in Victoria, definitely check it out!

I meant to post this earlier, but I reorganized my purse and wallet this weekend, and I came across my Venture One card. How exciting is this? I feel like a real business now!!

While watching the movies, I decided to try something new with knitting. I'm terrible at sitting down and paying attention for two hours; I have to be doing something with my hands. I made this adorable Matryoshka doll. (The bubble tea friend is Russian-- she says it's pronounced Matro-sh-ka.) I'm super pleased with how she turned out. I love hand-sewing, and the hair is so cute! I can't wait to make more. I bought some multi-coloured felt square on Etsy, so I should be up and crafting more fun things soon (or when I have time...*sigh*)

Anywhoo, that was my weekend! I've been managing to find an hour or two to blog lately, so I'll keep updating as long as I have time! I hope everyone had as lovely a weekend as I did!

P.S. The snow melted!