Medical Office Assistant

So, I'm embarking on week four of my MOA course. It's going really well, but is definitely exhausting. I feel more like I'm studying to be a doctor than to be a transcriptionist, filing clerk and receptionist etc. It's actually very interesting though, there are so many medical terms we use without even knowing what they mean. Now I can understand a condition or disease I've never heard of, but I know each of the bits that make it up. It's like learning a new language... it's all starting to fall into place. We've done Chapter 1, 2, 21, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and am right in the midst of Chapter 8. Whew!

I'm definitely suffering from art/craft withdrawal. I've been working on a few things when I get a spare minute or two. The weekends feel so short with studying and getting things done. My mind is positively exploding with ideas. I've started bringing a little notebook with me, to write down ideas I get for dolls, toys, crafts and blog posts. I wish there were a few of me-- I'd be able to get everything I want done! I can't wait til I'm working and my nights and weekends are be my own! The days are getting a little bit longer, which is much appreciated. I love when Autumn comes around, but am always grateful for Spring to be on the horizon. Getting out of class into the pitch darkness isn't very motivating.

"studying with my medical textbook, with Felix my study buddy, looking at horrifying diseases."

"with my insane amounts of homework, this was a way of actually getting to draw, while studying"

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and are enjoying the longer days! I'll try to update again soon!