Tuesday Treasures

I am having a major craft withdrawal. I've spent the week doing a chapter of a gigantic medical textbook a day, with two tests every second day! I'm full of prefixes, suffixes, combining forms, blood disorders, abnormal conditions of, and different parts of the body. So far I'm doing well (95% Average and I've aced two of the four tests!), but it's a lot of work. I'm going to school, then studying until I go to bed. This leaves almost zero time for anything else. Luckily, I'm in the position where I can focus entirely on school (no kids or work-- I don't know how anyone else does it!).

I do miss crafting though, and hope that my next course allows me to have a bit more of a balanced life. This weekend was amazing-- I finished the 26 pages of homework on Thursday night, allowing for a day and a half with my boyfriend. We went out to dinner on Saturday night and used up our WhiteSpot gift certificate, went for an ocean drive and drank Starbucks hot chocolate (seriously, that stuff is gross! Macdonald's is cheaper, better, and doesn't use three different languages to indicate size-- Tall, Grande and Venti? Get over yourselves yuppies...haha... I digress...)

Anyways, it was lovely to just hang out, watch movies, cuddle on the couch, and eat good food. I feel like I haven't seen him at all this week, besides him picking me up and dropping me off (Isn't he a sweetheart?) On Sunday night, after I finished studying for my test on Monday, I had a chance to go on Pinterest and cyber-veg. (On my new laptop-- my other computer contracted a terrible virus and crashed half way through the week much to my dismay-- but I'll save that for another post) I've decided that sometime in the near future, I'd love to teach myself cross stitch. It's so cheerful, I love sewing but I'm terrible with a machine, and it's non-time consuming so I get to see the finished product much faster than knitting! (I'm working on finishing up a custom Freddy Krueger Doll at the moment-- It's pretty epic-- definitely not what I think of when I think of dollies!)

I'll talk more about school in a future post, when I have more time, but for now, here is Tuesday Treasures, Cross-stitch style!

All items are found on Etsy--- aren't they great?

Bake Me: Adorable for your kitchen.

Find it HERE:

Name: Isn't this a cute idea? This would be awesome for a nursery or a kid's room!

Find it HERE:

Ice Cream Isn't ice cream cheerful? So cute!

Find it HERE:

Deerest:I just love deer. There are probably way too many in Victoria, though. I still get excited whenever I see one--especially a little fawn!

Find it HERE:

Joy at Christmas: I think a Christmas Tree done up in cross stitch, felt figures, and shiny tin ornaments would be amazing! I definitely want to try this sometime!

Find it HERE:

I have two more spelling and Chapter tests this week--- wish me luck! Have a lovely rest of the week everyone, and thanks for reading!