Snow Day

After studying pharmacology for hours and hours last night--- I woke up to a white out. It's settled down quite a bit now that the wind has died down-- but it was practically a blizzard for these parts! Victoria is pretty temperate and is known for its lack of snow. I'm a child at heart and get super excited once I see the snowflakes fluttering down. Everything looks so still and beautiful.

Sadly, my boyfriend has a delivery business... so the snow isn't very welcome. It makes the day long, hard, and a little dangerous. Thank goodness he has chains in his trunk. I made him a nice lunch and some Earl Grey Tea this morning so hopefully that makes the his day a bit better.

My college is shut down due to the snow, so I get to stay home today! I cleaned the house from top to bottom (boy did it need it-- I've been studying way too much to keep on top of things). I rewarded myself with a nice cup of cocoa in the cutest mug that my mum bought me for Christmas. She put a picture of her little mini dachshund, Felix, on it. Isn't he cute? Dinner is in the crock pot, and I've been spending the beginning of the afternoon editing photos, and watching "Every Girl Should Be Married"- A comedy from 1948 with Cary Grant on TCM. It's so nice not to be in a windowless classroom marking homework.

Happy snow day everyone! Enjoy yourselves, and be safe!