I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon, but knitting is a relatively recent hobby. It's an amazing stress reliever for someone who needs to be "doing something" with their hands constantly. The rainy winters lend themselves well to knitting, while drinking tea and binge watching Netflix. I was never very good at ceramics - but the idea of making 3D art has always interested me. Picking the colours, creating intricate patterns, and watching something "come to life" from a pile of yarn will never get old. 

Tea-time Dolls

After learning how to knit a few years ago, I created a simple pattern that allowed me to make handmade, imperfect dolls that are cuddly, fun to play with and makes a great companion for people of all ages. I named them Tea-Time Dolls (they especially enjoy tea parties.) Whether it is held tight by a baby, sipping tea at a tea party with a child or even sat on a shelf as a nostalgic reminder of ones childhood – the dolls I make are meant to brighten one’s day. I believe every child (person?) should have something to snuggle and love, and I’ve been disappointed by what is available in department store toy sections. Everything seems to be mass produced, plastic, battery powered, and stunting to the imagination. There’s a beautiful simplicity to wooden and handmade toys.

Unfortunately, I’m not taking custom orders at this time, but will occasionally list completed dolls in my shop.

Right now, I’m working on writing a pattern for my dolls, so you can make your own (with even the most basic knitting skills – believe me, when I started I could barely read a pattern!) for your family, friends, or yourself! I’d love to see what you make, so send pictures of your finished dolls to teacupsandspectacles(AT)gmail.com

PDF Pattern coming soon!