Flowers and Cakes

Wedding Round Up - Flowers and Cakes

As most of my creative energies have been directed to wedding things as of late, and as I will be doing this only once (well, that's the plan ;) ), I've decided to share some of my wedding inspirations on the blog. 

As a budget conscious and fairly aesthetic person, wedding planning has been a bit nerve wracking. I really can't see spending a lot of money, but I'd rather do nothing than do something half-assed or tacky (which of course, is in the eye of the beholder.) I've been super lucky, and got my dress as a sample, a veil for half price, $30 dollar wedding shoes, and found out that an "elopement package" for flowers is really quite inexpensive. 

For the bouquet and boutonniere



We'll be getting married in the spring, but I have always had a huge love of fall/winter weddings, so I decided to choose a palette that's a bit more muted and autumnal than the clear colours popular in spring. I love the idea of adding thistles, dark colours like deep burgundy or navy (the insides of anemones), and ruffly ranunculus. I wrestled with the idea of even having a bouquet, considering the size of the ceremony, but decided that I'd probably like something to do with my hands in some of the photographs. When else do you get to choose pretty flowers and hold them? I think this was a wise choice. 

For the cake

Due to our marriage and reception being on separate days, the cake will be a lot more cheerful and less moody and serious (like the flowers) as we'll be in a backyard, not a baronial style castle. I feel like the cardinal rule of wedding cakes is: Less is More. Some of the embellishments are quite hard to execute, and if it's done badly, the result is pretty horrific. I winced at some of the local offerings, which probably makes me a bad person. I think a plain buttercream cake, tinted a nice peachy orange would be lovely (and really hard to f - up - Can I say things like that when talking about weddings?) I just ordered our cake topper, which gave me a bit of a thrill. It's nice seeing all the pieces falling into place.

This gallery includes my favourites from Pinterest.  (Click on the photo to go to its original source.)

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