Tuesday Treasures

Happy Tuesday Everyone! This Tuesday Treasures is a bit of a mishmash, but I'm loving the bright colours and retro feel.

I've been thwarted in my knitting... I've been told to rest my wrists, which are rather unhappy with me at the moment. I'm currently sitting on the couch with ice packs and blankets... (It's cold!) and of course I have a million creative ideas because I can't do anything... (always the way, isn't it?)

I also have accidentally blue hair. I tried to bleach barely noticeable purple bangs blonde... And it went blonde and baby blue... Whoops! I had to put blue dye to make it uniform....  We'll see how it looks! Update: they weren't kidding about atomic turquoise!

Stay tuned for some photos from some weekend excursions!! And hopefully a doll ( I can probably knit a leg....) on Friday!

Have a good week!