Tuesday Treasures


Hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm fighting off the beginnings of a cold right now. I'm so worried about losing my voice. Due to staffing issues, I'm going to be working alone a bit more, and a voiceless secretary is pretty useless. "Ring Ring:" ----------. Hello? Hello?" Yup, I can imagine it right now.

I'm snuggling up on the couch right now in my tidy, well organized home, with my new zigzag afghan blanket (that my mum crocheted me --pictures soon), and thinking about making some Lipton soup. I've been pretty lucky so far this year, it seems like everyone in my office has been sneezing or coughing... so I'm not going to complain. I'm just happy there is a Booster Juice near where I work..... the best thing for a sore throat. (Though at 500 odd calories, more of a meal than a snack! Haha)

Anyways. Here's this week's Tuesday Treasures. The theme is squid. I don't know why. Well, I do. I found those amazing earrings on Etsy... and that was the jumping off point. I dissected a squid in biology class in high school.... I think these plushies are much cuter! 

He looks rather cuddly. Would be great for a nursery or kids room with a sea-side theme.

This is just too cute for words.

This pattern is amazing.. and the gorgeous colour combinations don't hurt either.

I'm always a fan of a nerdy t-shirt

How lovely is this ring?

These intricately carved necklaces are just stunning.

The beautiful squid earrings that started it all! I heart!


Have a great week everyone!

Thanks for reading dears,