Tuesday Treasures

I spent yesterday cleaning and organizing our office at work. It was a great experience (besides losing a day off) because it felt so good to purge useless stuff, find useful things that were hiding, and get things that we use often into better places. I feel much more ready to take on the next week with a clean office, papers put properly away and files filed into their new homes. (I'm not so excited to try and figure out billing errors--- I could never be an accountant (waah!)

I've spent the last week reorganizing my home, and I'm almost finished. As I've been reorganizing, I've come across some my favourite vintages/thrift store/inherited/ Etsy finds. I'll be photographing them and sharing them with you in the next couple weeks. (as long as I have enough sunlight... this apartment is quite dark in the winter.) It's fun to remove all the clutter and enjoy your favourite and dearest things. 

This week's Tuesday Treasures is all vintage finds from Etsy.


Love the shape and colours of these beautiful bowls

Such a fun print.. I love retro signs

While I'm definitely a dog person, these Siamese kitties are pretty sweet!

I wish this 1957 kids sweater came in my size! Isn't it lovely? 


Have a lovely week everyone! 


Thanks for reading dears,