Tuesday Treasures

 This weekend is Thanksgiving and I'm so excited. Sometimes I think I like Thanksgiving even more than Christmas. I love the pumpkins, the changing leaves, delicious yams and yummy stuffing. It's the perfect introduction to the cooler weather. My parent's got some wood for their fireplace and we've had two lovely fires so far. Their little dachshund absolutely loves basking in the crackling warmth (I'm rather partial to joining him.) It hasn't rained here in three months, which is extremely unusual as we have a very warm/temperate climate with a lot of rain. Each week I gaze longingly at the weather forecast for a nice downpour, but it's been sun sun sun!

Fun Fact: Apparently we used to cerebrate Thanksgiving in November like America, but I'm glad we changed in to the second Monday in October in 1957 (though I'm not sure why). Things are too dead and wintery up here in November to look very harvesty, haha.

Anyways, whether you are enjoying turkey this weekend or not, here's this week's Tuesday Treasures!

Sweet Turkey Dress

Little Acorn Men

Turkey Tutu

Pumpkin Dress-- wish this came in my size-hehe

This little hat is too sweet!

 Links to these lovely Etsy Products:

Have a lovely weekend! What is your favourite holiday?