Dolled Up

"Dolled Up"  is an outfit feature where I put together cute and quirky outfits. I enjoy designing the patterns and styles for the dolls I make, so I decided to include people clothes that inspire me! 

So, I haven't quite decided on a day when I will post these, so expect them to appear sporadically. ^_^

I love Mario. I'm not much of video game person (and I'm fairly terrible at them) but I love the characters. Everything is cute: goombas, toadstools, the landscapes, even the star you are sometimes seeking. I have the Nintendo 64 for my DS (yes, it's pink) and I had so much fun playing it. Sadly, my skills (and the ex boyfriend from high school that helped me when I got stuck) are lacking... so I never beat it (I think I'm at 88 stars.) I also feel like I'm having a heart attack each time I fall off the edge (which is often) so I've decided to find calm-er hobbies.... (laughs nervously but I still admire the cuteness of Mario, his friends, enemies (especially boo) and their cute little world (even with the monster-flowers).

I'm pretty excited about this outfit. The long sleeves and the dark jeans make it perfect for autumn. I also have a life-long love of combat boots, and the earrings just tie it all together in the cutest way. This is nerdy-girl chic and I'm in love.

Thanks for reading. Are you a Mario Fan? What games is your favourite?