I’m feeling fairly overwhelmed with everything in my life right now, but it’s kind of a good feeling.

After four years at University taking Art Education and History (ending up with a History Degree), I decided to take charge of my life (and career) and take the Medical Office Assistant course at Sprott Shaw College. After a grueling seven months of tears, late nights, and aggravation (honestly, it made writing papers seem like a breeze) I have received my honours diploma in the Medical Office Asisstant Program.

I’m starting a new career, and will be working a real job for the first time in a very long while. I’m handing out resumes, writing cover letters, and hoping that someone will like me enough to give me a chance. 

Another change is that my relationship with my boyfriend of almost two years has ended. We’re still on good terms, but we had differences and different life paths and goals.

I’m glad we both realized this and could separate caring about each other from what was a good choice long term. We had some great times and I’ll miss him. 

It feels like I’m starting out with a completely clean slate. I’m twenty-three, single, with a degree and a diploma, waiting for my real “adult” life to start. I’ve debated moving apartments to somewhere closer to the ocean or maybe downtown with a lot of things to do in walking-distance.

I have a huge apartment for cheaper than most, with parking included, so it’s REALLY hard to look at other places. The trendier the area, the more expensive and the tinier they get. Jury is out on that decision, but that’s okay, I’m in transition. I want to stay in Victoria, as most of my family live here, and I can’t imagine being without them. Growing up, I didn’t really know my cousins, aunts or uncles, or even my dad’s parents very well. We drove for our annual visit, stayed with my mum’s parents in a huge house, and had “that yearly visit” with his side. 

Now I’m looking forward to a 15 person Thanksgiving and Christmas, not just the three of us. I’m invited to baby showers, first birthdays and days at the lake. I’m so lucky to finally be back and be a part of things, and I can’t quite imagine giving that up. I look forward to bringing my own baby to play around with the (probably much older haha) kids, growing up with memories of huge Thanksgivings, Christmases and Grandparents that are just around the corner. 

I'm very glad that I created Blue Anchor Crafts a little less than a year ago. It's been a great outlet for my creative energies, and I hope it will continue to be so. I also started a blog for my drawings, Dearest Doodles where I post my latest drawings. I have so many great ideas that I suspect I will never be bored again, haha. I've learned a lot and found a lot of great blogs to read. I'll continue to follow my journey into the working world, my life and my dollies.

It’s all terrifying and wonderful.