Tuesday Treasures

Has it been a week already? Nate and I went to Parksville for the weekend (pictures coming soon!) Finishing up a class + going away for the weekend has left my life in a bit of a tizzy.

I've gotten pretty ahead on things now, though. I completed a princess doll for one of my teachers last week (I'll post her too!), got a bunch of errands done today, and have started to do a bit of summer organizing (as opposed to spring cleaning-haha).

I have a bunch of great ideas for posts, crafts, dolls, drawings-- you name it! I bought a little notebook to keep all those thoughts organized while I complete the more mundane tasks of everyday life (ie- try to stay awake for the 4 hours of class on Microsoft Word, a program which I have been using the entire time at college. Whatever questions I had going in, I've figured out through trial and error the last six months.)

Anyways, I decided to just do something fun and completely unrelated this week. French Poodles and Paris. While I'm definitely more of a mini dachshund/french bulldog/boston terrier lover, I don't think any dog is as fun in cartoon form as a poodle. So lets forget the piles of laundry, the dirty dishes and the exploding desk drawers for a minute (okay, it's really not THAT bad)... lets travel to Paris for this week's Tuesday Treasures!

Loving this-- quirky and classy at the same time!

Wouldn't these be darling on a girly Xmas tree?

 I'm loving this vintage Valentine.

 This little travel case has the sweetest pattern ever. So bright, graphic and cheerful!

Such a cute little bib. Fancy and child-like at the same time.

Check out these hand-crafted products on Etsy!

Have a great week everyone! Did anyone get up to anything special this weekend?