Tuesday Treasures

Hello Everyone! I feel like I've been a bad blogger! School has been absolutely crazy lately, so I decided to theme this week's Tuesday Treasures on Stress. I laughed when I found the poster (below) on Etsy--- "It is what it is" is becoming a common expression in our classroom. We're learning MSP Billing right now (entering patient information, entering billing codes), learning to transcribe with foot pedals (yikes!), typing without use of the backspace (urgh!) and on top of all that--- working on a major policy manual for an imaginary clinic. I'm enjoying the billing part, but it is very frustrating when the numbers don't add up-- then you realized you billed someone in the wrong age category or accidentally billed for a home visit--- oops! The typing part is terrible--- they have the oddest keyboards and I get so anxious that my fingers twitch. Transcription is kind of interesting, but the grammar and punctuation we're learning differs from most of what I've learned-- so it's a little daunting. The final project would be fun, if we weren't so swamped with a million assignments jumping every which way daily. Lately, I've found myself needing to just take a deep breath and put things in perspective. While I do that, take a peek at this week's Tuesday Treasures-- Stress Edition.