What a beautiful weekend in Victoria! I did some remedial spring cleaning and organizing --- boy does my place feel clean and tidy! Everything always looks better when there is sun shining in-- I'm so happy that Winter is behind us!

I met up with my lovely friend Krista in Chinatown this morning, and enjoyed some yummy bubble tea and catching up. I chose "Bangkok Bubbles"-- Kumquat, Cherry and Pineapple with strawberry jellies! Yum! I actually remembered to bring my camera with me this time, so after Krista left to work on an essay (Good Luck!) I went for a walk around and took some pictures of the city. I also stopped in at 'Opus'- the art supply store, and picked up some goodies!

Lovely old buildings on Wharf Street

Gorgeous Cherry Blossoms

My favourite Bubble Tea Place! Dragon Alley!

Our bubble tea date

Old School

Cherry blossoms outside the Sour Pickle. This is my favourite place to eat! The food is fresh, delicious, and ridiculously cheap. The couple that run it are lovely, and it's such a quirky cute little place!

How was everyone's weekend? Are you enjoying the sunshine?

Have a Great Week!!