Pretty Things

School has been REALLY hectic lately. Like- learn a whole body system in a night with two tests the next day hectic. I'm doing really well, but waking up this morning without having to study feels so good! The sun is shining here in Victoria. I walked home from school in a hoodie and capri pants yesterday-- it feels like Spring is around the corner!

Last weekend it rained (boo) {don't get me wrong, I love the rain too-- it's just disappointing when you were planning a lovely day outside}, so my boyfriend and I went to Value Village and spelunked in the kitchen section. We found a beautiful glass, tulip shaped bowl for under $10.00. The week earlier, I walked to Michaels and picked up some pretty pencils (homework is always nicer with pretty things, right?) and some fuzzy Martha Stewart yarn I had been eyeing since Christmas. I downloaded the free iPhone app, so I get %40 off every time I go (yay!)

On my friend and I's bubble tea date, we stopped in at a cute shop called Oscar and Libby and I bought these Matryoshka measuring cups. They are ridiculously adorable AND useful.

While last weekend was a major fail in the health department (Noodle Box AND hotdogs/poutine in the same weekend!), I'm going to try to measure out food so I can keep an eye on my caloric intake. Also on that front, my boyfriend fixed the elliptical we just bought (don't you love how poorly manufactured everything is today? Grr.) Now it doesn't wobble terrifyingly as you use it. I can't wait. It was ridiculously on sale, but still a major purchase, so I better look good in a bikini by summer-- no excuses. If I keep up eating like this without exercising... I might look like this...

I just had to take a picture of this bottle. My mum received this perfume as a Christmas gift, but the scent wasn't her favourite, so I inherited it. It's kind of violetty and sweet. I can't wear it due to the no-scent policy at the school, but I enjoy smelling pretty on the weekends.

I hope to update more this weekend. I have a major Cardiovascular test on Monday (eeks!) so I'll have to see how that goes! Hope everyone is out enjoying our pretend-Spring! Here's another picture of my pretty bowl-- yes, I'm silly.