Shaw Ocean Discovery

My boyfriend and I have had a crazy week. He's been working 12 hours days and I've been drowning in medical terminology and a million tests. On Sunday, we decided to go out for a date. We went to Sidney, a cute ocean side town about 20 minutes from Victoria. A few years ago, they opened the "Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre" and I've always been curious-- so we decided to check it out!

We had a great time! It was so cool seeing the creatures that live in our oceans so close. We touched starfish, took pictures in a bubble, and admired all the beautiful fishies and sea stars. The best part was watching the Spiny Lump Suckers. (no- I'm not kidding.) They are these hilarious round fish, that have the tiniest fins and can barely swim. They've adapted to the current by learning to stick onto things. So basically it swims along looking like a penguin trying to fly, then crash lands and look adorable. (last picture)

After the aquarium, we tried to walk by the beach and look for sea glass, but it's still a little cold. I think there was a sailboat race or something, because there were quite a few close to shore. The wind hitting the sails made sounds like thunder--- it was pretty neat! We came home, and watched the AMAZING TV series " The First Wave". (It was on in the nineties/ early 2000's on the Sci-Fi channel, and I'm loving it!) and had a gigantic nap before studying for my test tomorrow. Very good Sunday!

How was everyone's weekend? Do anything fun or productive?

Here are some of the pictures that we took on the iPhone!