Tuesday Treasures Snow Edition

It's a gloomy day in Victoria-- par for the course on these fall days. Other parts of the country are getting dusted in gorgeous white snow... while we get another rainy Holiday Season. My boyfriend's job requires a lot of driving, so I cannot wish for snow without a heavy heart (unless it doesn't stick--horray!). Instead, I'll indulge in my love of snow with this post...

Printable Snow Party:

I really like just any excuse to decorate for a party. It'll be fun when I don't live in a paper-walled apartment. I heard someone cough through the wall last night-- sounded like they were in the bedroom! Can't be too jolly in here, or we'd get a notice!

Find it HERE:

Snow Blocks:

Aren't these sweet? They'd be a cute toy or even decoration! I'd love to make some of my own one day!

Find them HERE:

Cute Cardinal:

Isn't he just sweet? I love the caption "Yes, dear?". I really want to see a cardinal in real life one day. They're astoundingly beautiful.

Find it HERE:

Snowy Deer:

I love this deer silhouette. There is one with baby antlers too! Living in Victoria-- we see quite a few of these little guys around. While most see them as a nuisance, I still get excited whenever I see one.

Find it HERE:

Let it Snow!

Isn't this cute? This kind of Christmas decoration is timeless- very homey!

Find it HERE:

Whether you don't get snow, or get 3 ft, I hope you enjoyed this Tuesday Treasures!