Ginger - Fail

I laugh now looking at the ambitiousness of my last post. I am not a baker. Food and I maintain a casual relationship-- I eat it, can sort of cook it, but the finesse of baking and decorating alludes me. Give me glue, paper, a pencil or yarn and I'll make something lovely--- as long as its not edible. I have decided that just because Martha Stewart's EXPERTS create gorgeous examples- does not mean that I am qualified to do it-- case in point: the gingerbread house(s).

It was doomed to fail:

  • There were no chocolate flavoured graham crackers in two grocery stores (supposed to look tudor-y)
  • The graham crackers she did use were not square. This helps with construction (ie- leaves huge gaping holes in the sides of the house.)
  • The caramel glue recipe didn't work. I had to boil sugar, then add water (DO NOT DO THIS--- IT EXPLODES!--- duh.)
  • Graham crackers are HORRIBLE to cut. They shatter easily and crumbs get everywhere.
  • Caramel glue is INTENSELY sticky- yet manages to not hold the house together well.

All in all, after smashing half the graham crackers, getting caramel EVERYWHERE, dropping whole graham crackers into the pot, burning myself, and making three ugly houses--- I ended up with one.(I quickly abandoned the multi-layered extravagant design). One imploded, the other exploded while I iced the sole survivor. The effort to make this house coloured its success-- but a day later (now the caramel is removed from my fingernails)-- it looks kinda homey and cute.

Messiest thing ever.

Frustration. (Note gaping hole in side of house)

Finished product--- all alone. I like it's shake roof and tudor-ish styling. It kind of looks like a Black Forest Cake. <3 So not attempting this again though. I'm definitely not opposed to the kit.

Thanks for reading!