...twenty-two things...

Twenty-two Random Things About Me:

1) I've lived in Trail, Nelson, Kelowna, Chilliwack and Victoria. The first three were all before age six. Even though I live in probably the most beautiful city in BC-- I still miss the familiarity of Chilliwack and many people there.

2) I've gone from wanting to be a teacher, to a medical office assistant to a graphic designer/web designer in a span of a few years... yet "thought" I knew what I wanted to be since I was six!

3) I moved to Victoria the morning after Prom Night. My favourite photo is me posing in my dress with packing boxes.

4) I have never played a team sport, but I really enjoyed rock climbing-- even though I can't stand on a table for fear of heights.

5) My favourite food is probably a drumstick with caramel in the center--- not the chicken kind of drumstick--- the ice cream cone with chocolate drizzle and peanuts in a package. Probably the trashiest thing ever--- but also the most satisfying.

6) I'm probably the klutizest person ever. I'm constantly walking into walls, tripping, falling or dropping something. You'd think I'd have to be tall and lanky or something-- but I'm 5'3.

7) I am terrified of hairdressers. They always ignore me at the last second and do something drastic-- or not drastic enough and charge you an arm and a leg. Yesterday was the first haircut I have approved of in four years.

8) I have a bachelor’s degree in history. It still doesn't feel like I do, though. I skipped out of the ceremony because they make me nervous, and I didn't want to be tapped on the head in front of an auditorium of people. I can't decide if I regret it or not.

9) I love dressing up. Halloween is my favourite—but any time there is a chance to put on a costume- I’m there.

10) If I could change anything about Victoria-- I would open up an Emily Carr Art School here. High school art was largely a joke, and Art Education classes at university weren't much better. I would die and go to heaven if I could have access to some of the illustration assignments-- I'd love to see what I could do. I've always wanted to illustrate children's books and greeting cards.

11) I’m kind of a nerd. I finished my last university class in June and I’ve actually been having lecture/essay withdrawal.

12) I have 5 tattoos and I’m hoping to get more. I would love to get a shoulder piece done… but I’m a little nervous. The man who did my swallow tattoo took over and ignored the colours I wanted. I still like it—but as an artist I’m scared of giving up my vision. I notice so many tattoos where the perspective or proportions are off and it makes me cringe. Another man tried to draw what I wanted twice, and the girl’s face looked like a deformed pig so I gave up.

13) I may knit dolls but I also love Marilyn Manson. I used to have only his cds in my player as a teenager. I love his historical referencing and the spooky quality to his music. I’ve been listening to heavier/darker music since I was a kid (literally—I liked Rob Zombie when I was 8) but I was a totally goodie goodie and was on the A honours list all through school.

14) My biggest goal in life is to be a mom. I know in our society it’s not considered that much of an aspiration--- but I can’t wait to be a mom—take care of them, go on nature walks, do crafts, read to them, teach them things- Obviously there are a lot of tantrums, sleepless nights, and bodily functions to contend with—but it’s so worth it.

15) I love making lesson plans. I got an A in curriculum planning at University. It's so fun creating an open ended project for other creative minds to run with. I had always planned on being a teacher, but Victoria is one of the hardest places to get work.

16) I taught myself to knit and still don’t know a lot of the basics. I have a hard time understanding diagrams, so I created the doll pattern so I could make something cute that I could actually knit! I’ve learned a lot since then, but I still am learning new things.

17) I love the rain. I’m probably the only one—but I’m sick of people complaining every time it’s not sunny. Everything looks so beautiful when it’s green and lush, and I love doing inside things. I’d love to live in a house with a skylight so I could hear the rain tapping on the glass.

18) My mum has been a great help while trying to get this crafting business started. Whether she’s punching holes in wine charm cards, wearing the jewellery I make, collecting sea glass with me, commenting and reposting every doll on her Facebook page or letting me use her dining room table for a trial run of the craft fair… I couldn’t ask for a better supporter!

19) My favourite place in the world is Dallas Rd. It’s a road that winds along the coast of Victoria. It has a dog park, beautiful cliffs, rocky beaches, backs onto Beacon Hill Park, and is loaded with cute retro houses and jaw dropping mansions.

The best date is grabbing lunch and a milkshake at the Beacon Drive In, a 1950’s takeout diner, and driving along picking out which house you’d like to live in if you won the lottery. I’d much rather do that than go to a fancy restaurant.

20) My favourite animal is the mini dachshund. My parents have a white and caramel long haired one named Felix. He’s basically the love of my life.I am subscribed to a breeders newsletter just to see the new pups every

month. The prettiest ones are the ones with blue eyes and spots ^_^.

21) I have a weakness for China Town. I love the red lanterns, the old crazy buildings, and the narrowness of Fan Tan Alley. I discovered bubble tea,which is probably the best thing on the planet. I don’t know if it’s the squishy tapioca balls, the rectangular jelly chunks or the sweetness of the drink—but it is possibly the most cheerful thing ever.

22) I only see my best girl friend once or twice a year. She lives in Chilliwack, but we meet up and play tourist in Victoria in the summer and winter. We were

friends since we were six, but had different friends in middle and high school. When we meet up it’s like we’re still twelve, and no time has passed (except we're not listening to Backstreet Boys anymore.) I look forward to our Starbucks dates-- {cannot wait for this year's apple cider drink} or our downtown shopping and goat petting escapades.

Anyways, that's me! Thanks for reading!