...craft fair update...

Thank you for reading! I've been positively swamped-- I've finished 30 dolls for the Craft Fair on November 26th + 27th, 24 sets of wine charms, 10 sets of earrings and over 60 necklaces. Looking over it now, I can't quite comprehend that I created all of this in such a short time. Once I realize how much stock I actually created, we had to come up with how to display it. Click on the image below for our "Mock Up" of our craft table.

I tried to create different levels, so our table would be more attractive. The chrome jewellery spinner was a great find, at Matthew's Fixtures. I purchased silver organza cords for the pendants for display purposes, as well as to wear if the customer chooses. We decided on a blue/white/silver winter theme instead of the traditional red and green, which might have been overwhelming with our products. (It also happens to be my cousin's and my favourite colour combination). I found some cute fabric, which we are using in various ways on the table. My lovely boyfriend built what I call the "dolly bench", and my mother (who is much better with a sewing machine) covered it in the said fabric. I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out! (I will post photos of the actual fair).

The Wine Charms appear to be very popular. My Aunt from the mainland actually bought 5 sets while she was visiting because she liked them so much (!!!), so I am awaiting more supplies in the mail. The only hitch I came across while making them were poor manufacturing of the crystal beads. It's delightful when half the beads fit on the wire, while the others get stuck and/or crack. This also feels great on the fingers. I ended up using a bead reamer on the poorly manufactured ones... with about a 50% success rate.

This photograph is taken with an actual chain, not the organza chain, but I really love the copper coloured ones. I will create a gallery of jewellery as a fixed page on the blog, so you can see more. Much of it is also on my Facebook Page.

I included a picture of myself with most of the dolls that I've knit... It feels like a milestone in a lot of ways. My first Craft Fair venture! Keep your fingers crossed for me! (And hope that the barn is well heated, the horse is farther away than it looks, and that people are blown away by our creations and purchase lots!) Thanks again for reading, and I do apologize if update sporadically in the next few weeks. I've decided to completely reorganize the yarn-hurricane that has become my apartment, before starting on the 10 Christmas orders.

Wish me luck!