And so it begins

After scoping out every conceivable type of craft fair-- I have submitted our application and been accepted. So many of the larger fairs charge 500-800+ dollars for a booth-- so unless you are selling diamond rings-- there won't be too much of a profit margin. I finally found the "Christmas in the Manger" craft fair, which is held at the Saanich Fairgrounds in Brentwood Bay. My cousin and I are splitting the cost of a table-- I will be selling my Sea Glass jewellery and my knitted dolls, she will be selling her handmade cards. I advise buying a necklace for a gift, a lovely card to send with it, and a sweet dollie for yourself (haha). Apparently we're out in a barn--- with limited heating possibilities. We'll see how 12 hours over the weekend will be-- the last weekend before December. We tried to find a warm, cozy, small scale school craft fair-- but apparently the people who run them are very elitist... so here we are in a barn. I did go there last year-- and found it to be quite busy- so at least that's a plus!

Now that I've been accepted---- I realize that I've never quite paid attention to how things are displayed... but I do have some ideas (my boyfriend might have to help me build them, however) it's all a little overwhelming. Besides creating displays, pricing everything, creating gift tags and buying bags-- I have to literally sit down for the next few weeks and knit with abandon. I've decided I need at least 20 mini dolls and 10-15 large ones-- each take a day at the least-- so hopefully the weather is rotten so I can stay inside with my tea, turn on Turner Classic Movies and knit.

I'm also having surgery in late October, and am missing Halloween (I wish it was Christmas- I love Halloween the best!) so I plan on knitting throughout my recovery. I had the same surgery a year ago when I was teaching myself to knit-- and knit an entire baby sweater (it was fairly terrible-- but I was learning) so I estimate I'll be able to make at least 5-6 mini dolls in that duration. I just finished my "Frankie" Doll--- The Bride of Frankenstein--- to make up for my stolen Halloween-- she turned out great!

Anyways- I'll keep updating through this process-- posting new pictures of completed work as well as documenting the journey of preparing and selling at a craft fair!

Thanks for all the Likes on Facebook! I really appreciate it!